Worldline India Digital Payments Report 2018

01 / 12 / 2018

Embracing the digital payments revolution: Worldline's perspective on the fast-paced changes. Discover the normalcy of digital payments, the acceptance by small merchants, and our analysis of payment trends.


It is heartening to see that Indian consumers are switching to non-cash methods for making payments and we at Worldline have a front-row seat to these fast-paced changes. While innovative payment services providing convenient payment products have been successful in transforming the way we make payments today, the biggest change undeniably is that it is now 'normal' for people to make digital payments and for small merchants to accept them – this is what is making the digital payments revolution in India sustainable. Worldline has analysed the payment trends for 2018 using market data. We are proud to present an in-depth analysis of payment trends across traditional channels like debit and credit cards and new payment methods like mobile-based payments, e-wallets etc.

The report also analyses the consumer spending pattern across all categories based on the transactions facilitated by us. In addition, we also analysed the payments landscape in China as well as how UPI 2.0 will lead to the development of a new ecosystem.