Worldline India Digital Payments Report Q2 2019

30 / 06 / 2019

Moving towards a cashless India: Worldline's commitment to digital payments. Discover the importance of acceptance infrastructure and how Worldline's products and services contribute to the nation's progress.

Report Q2 2019

On the occasion of India’s 73rd Independence Day, the Prime Minister re-emphasized the importance of digital payments and encouraged everyone to embrace it with a new motto “Digital Payment ko Haan, Nakad ko Na” - Yes to digital payments, No to cash. Our country is steadily moving towards this goal.

With several digital payment options available to consumers to make purchases, the acceptance infrastructure now needs to grow to meet the demand from consumers and merchants alike. Obviously for this to happen, similar to how incentives are being given to merchants and consumers, incentives need to be given to merchant acquiring companies to meet this goal. The merchant acceptance ecosystem is a diverse one with multiple modes such as POS, UPI, and BQR among others.

Worldline, an independent player in the electronic payments and transactions market, is dedicated to the cause of digital payments in the country with its state-of-the-art products and services. We are pleased to know that our research reports are serving your need to interpret consumer payments trends across retail platforms and we hope that our upcoming editions will continue to benefit you. In this issue, we present an in-depth analysis of payment trends from April 2019 to June 2019 along with interesting consumer payments behaviour. In addition, we give our perspective on how we see current technologies evolving in the coming years.