Worldline India Digital Payments Report Q3 2022

30 / 09 / 2022

Worldline drives economic growth across India. Partnering with banks, retailers, e-commerce companies, and more, our technology-driven solutions empower businesses in cities big and small, fostering economic prosperity nationwide. Discover our comprehensive payment solutions and explore the rapid adoption of popular instruments like UPI, cards, and PPIs in our Q3 2022 Digital Payment Report.

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Today, both customers and sellers are being more receptive towards digital payments. Digital payments are gradually becoming like a commodity and forming a subtle yet integral part of our lives. While customers appreciate a simple interface and advanced security systems, sellers or merchants go beyond hygiene features and integrate more inclusive payment solutions. Worldline India, with its 360-degree payments suite, is powering businesses with a comprehensive range of payment solutions that are aligned to the needs of end customers in the form of In-store, Online, Omnichannel, Issuance and Acquiring Solutions, and Value Added Services among others.

The swift adoption of digital payments can be witnessed with each passing quarter. Popular payment instruments like UPI, cards, PPIs are already clocking over 23 billion transactions in a quarter. With such interesting insights, we are glad to share Digital Payment Report for Q3 2022. In addition, we also give our perspective on how India’s progressive regulation on payments is building a stable financial ecosystem.