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Retail and Marketplaces

Offering a full range of Innovative, customised payment solutions for business growth

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Deliver world-class payment experiences

Providing new, more, and easier ways to pay, as well as a personalised customer journey, is critical to standing out in a crowded market. No matter your size, our online and in-store retail payment solution allows you to deliver a world-class payment experience for your customers anywhere - so you can focus on your business growth.

Solutions for Retail and Marketplaces

No matter the scale of your business, we have in-depth sector knowledge and a variety of retail payment solutions to meet varying customer and business needs.

POS Machines

Whether you have a multi-lane checkout instore, customers paying at the table in your restaurants or a provision of self-service payment, our range of point-of-sale (PoS) machines ensure that the payments are quick, simple and convenient.

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BOSS – Business Ka One Stop Shop

A smart business solution available for Android PoS that goes beyond the world of payments and enables you to manage your business like a BOSS. The BOSS dual advantage will help you grow your profits and grow your business.

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Tap on Mobile

Businesses across the country now have the option to accept contactless payments directly via their Android smartphones. Tap on Mobile provides a cost-effective card acceptance solution which is easy to use and secure.

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VABOX – A soundbox for instant payment confirmation is a sleek and robust device that is simple to set up, and provides multilingual sound notifications with crisp and clear high-volume alerts.

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Next-Gen Payment Gateway

The best payment gateway for your online business

Unlock a world of seamless payments with Worldline NextGen Payment Gateway that provides you with multiple benefits which include easy online onboarding, timely settlement, best-in-class performance and industry-best success rate to scale your business. 

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Subscription Payments

A comprehensive recurring payment solution with end-to-end payment lifecycle management, mode and channel coverage with complete automation, control, and complete financial visibility.

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LinkPay - Payment Links

Whether you are delivering food to your customers or coming to pick up goods at one of your stores, you can quickly send them a secure payment link through your preferred sales channel via SMS or Email.

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Payment Orchestration Platform

An innovative interface to manage multiple integrations on a single platform. It helps in optimising all your payment strategies and eliminates payment friction across all channels.

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