Worldline partners with SignCatch to roll out Merchant Digitisation Programme to empower MSMEs in India

India — 13 / 04 / 2023

Mumbai, 13-Apr-2023 – Worldline, a global leader in payment services, today announced the partnership with India based SignCatch, a pioneer in Retail Tech, providing one-stop cloud-based Retail Solutions for MSMEs[1] to roll out the Merchant Digitisation Programme (MDP) through Worldline’s Android POS terminals.

Worldline partners with SignCatch to roll out Merchant Digitisation Programme to empower MSMEs in India

Under the partnership, SignCatch and Worldline will enroll a base of 100,000 merchants in India, leveraging SignCatch’s super-app Bech (बेch) platform across multiple business categories like modern retail stores, supermarkets, grocery shops, bakeries, cafes, and restaurants in the first three months of launch.

Fueled by Worldline's commitment to ‘Pioneering PayTech for a Buland Bharat’ and SignCatch’s vision of enabling cutting edge Retail Technology for Indian MSMEs, through the MDP initiative, Worldline and SignCatch will empower many small business owners to instantly digitise their brick and mortar store operations, activate digital payments and set up an online presence to help them to grow their business digitally.

Mr. Vishal Maru, Executive Vice President of Financial Institutions of Worldline India, said: “In 2022, we announced our collaboration with SignCatch and now we are all set to launch the offering to empower the Micro and SME segments retailers. We are thrilled to offer this integrated technology solution through our Android POS terminals branded as ANTERA. We have a strong network of over a million merchants through all our managed banks across the country and we will be extending this offering to our partner Banks and their merchants. I believe that the offering will become more exciting by enabling the ONDC features in the near future.”
Mr. Sumit Duggal, Founder and CEO of Signcatch, said: “The Worldline and SignCatch partnership signals the dawn of a new phase in the digitalization of small and micro retailers across India. In the past, SignCatch has worked closely with large retail aggregators such as Walmart, Grofers, and Metro Cash & Carry to facilitate purchasing & supply chain automation across neighborhood retail stores. Now, working with a global payment solutions giant like Worldline will open up a plethora of unique business opportunities for MSMEs and brands to partake in this new digital evolution!”.

SignCatch's super-app platform Bech enables Small Business owners to automatically create product catalogs for billing, purchasing, and promoting their businesses with in-app marketing tools, thereby significantly improving their operational efficiency. Being an all-in-one multi-tool digital commerce platform, Bech also offers multiple value-added services like quick billing, delivery logistics, B2B purchasing along with a fully integrated payment stack from Worldline.

Spearheading the revolution that will shape the Indian and global SMB retail shortly, SignCatch is amongst one of the early companies to have commenced the integration of their multi-utility seller side platform Bech on ONDC. The platform is compatible across all MSME retail verticals and caters to various categories of sellers including – Hardware, Grocery, Mobile, Electronics, Garments, Agricultural Goods and Tools, and many more. Once ONDC is enabled, small brands, wholesalers, and retailers on the platform can receive orders from buyers across the network while accessing 3rd party services, such as – instant loans, supply chain credit, digital payments, integrated delivery solutions, and much more.

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