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Mobile Banking

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Agile, Customizable, and Multi-Platform

Worldline offers a catalogue of mobile banking services to build a unique customer experience. A mobile banking app that can be used on any device and for any operating system (iOS, Android or Responsive Web Design). Based on an agile digital banking platform, our customizable solution boosts your business in terms of payments, security or bank account management. Capture all of your customers’ digital moments, including Instant Payments.

Building your product from A to Z

Our agile team is here to assist you at every step of the app-making process, from the early stages of UX/UI design to the delivery of your product on the app stores.

Staying ahead in a competitive market

New players have set new standards in mobile banking user experience. Our solution offers you the tools to outdistance the competition.

Based on our expertise and Worldline’s assets, we are fully equipped to quickly implement complex and innovative use cases such as instant payments, card management or PSD2 compliancy, secure messaging or x-Pay.

Offering safe interactions

End users expect convenience, instantaneity and security when interacting with their banks. We make sure you keep your consumers’ data confidential by protecting your services and conforming to regulation.

Custom mobile banking solutions

Our experience and assets allow us to build first-rate tailor-made banking apps that will satisfy your end users’ needs in terms of  financial services and match your business objectives.

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Key features of Worldline Mobile Banking

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