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Trusted Authentication

Keep it safe with a passwordless, multi-device SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) solution for all your sensitive operations.

Keep it safe

A more balanced way to upscale security.

Online security is all about balance. Too stern and it kills the user experience. Too lax and it doesn’t do the job properly. We can help you get it just right. Worldline Trusted Authentication is a simple way to implement SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) – whatever the user’s device - through an easy, intuitive user interface. Using multi-factor authentication solutions, it helps banks, merchants, public sector organisations and beyond, create experiences that are simple and secure.

Trust us to keep you secure.

There are many reasons you should rely on Worldline Trusted Authentication to enable strong customer authentication on all devices. Here are just some of them:

Security made seamless.

We know businesses are facing growing threats from fraudsters – so it’s a no brainer that security is a top priority. But it shouldn’t come at the expense of seamless customer experiences. Worldline Trusted Authentication helps you achieve this via innovative and trusted biometric and transparent authentication. Meanwhile, our security modules stay busy protecting your customers and blocking fraudster attacks.

Flexibility plus power.

Part of the beauty of Worldline Trusted Authentication is its flexibility. Easy to deploy and customisable around your digital strategy, this multi-factor authentication solution can apply to all devices and use cases. That includes payment, online banking, electronic signature and digital identity, as well as sensitive online services with end-user authentication. It even runs an out-of-band method which works through websites, mobile applications, call centres or IVRs, point of sales and more. Despite this flexibility, Worldline Trusted Authentication remains a mighty powerful industrialised solution that handles over 50 million transactions a month.

Enjoy the protection you deserve.

Worldline Trusted Authentication is a soft token-based solution – accessible through mobile devices and browsers – to keep payments and sensitive operations safe and sound. Fully compliant, it delivers strong customer authentication and you'll find our multi-factor authentication solution highly flexible, too. It even integrates in-app protection, scoring and more. In short, you’re in safe hands.

See Trusted Authentication in action.

See how Worldline Trusted Authentication works for your customers.

The Future of Authentication: Exploring the impacts of FIDO

In 2013, the FIDO Alliance was created with the aim of eliminating passwords and offering a browser-based authentication solution. This whitepaper aims to highlight the role of FIDO as well as the use cases and impact on financial institutions and merchants. Furthermore, it will underscore Worldline’s role and ongoing initiatives.

Download the whitepaper

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