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Payment Fraud Management

A sophisticated fraud prevention service powered by AI.

Let’s beat fraud

Proactive Payment Fraud Management.

Being ahead of the curve is crucial for preventing fraud before it happens. With global experience in both issuing and acquiring fraud management, Worldline combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and expert knowledge for fraud detection and prevention. Worldline has developed patents in collaboration with leading universities to minimise net losses and protect your customers’ transactions at the same time. Here’s how.

Protect your customers against card fraud.

Machine learning allows us to detect card fraud while maintaining a low false positive rate. Our machine learning algorithms are also used to create expert rules with low false positive rates while maintaining a high detection rate.

Set up for success.

A strong and solid position in Europe. Worldwide knowledge. And years of experience in fraud. As the number one fraud solution processor in Europe, we're perfectly placed to apply our transfer learning patent from one client to another. Plus, each new customer helps us to create stronger rules that can counter the growing number of fraudsters.

Run a watertight operation.

The future of fraud prevention is about being able to process and synchronise more data and ensure real time capabilities with only milliseconds to take a decision. Cloud computing is also becoming the norm as scalability and speed become an important cost drivers. Being this clued up on fraud is crucial for protecting individuals at risk and for businesses that have a reputation to maintain. At the end of the day, we want you and your customers to rest easy.

Take the weight off.

Wouldn’t it be great to get your time back by outsourcing fraud prevention? We enhance detection with our Online Watcher, Extended Watcher, Case Management Tool and Instant Score - some powered by AI. These reduce the manual work of managing fraud, all whilst helping us eliminate risk and loss. Plus, we do all of the back-end jobs such as contacting card holders to alert them of fraud. Less work for you. And greater protection for your customers.

Fraud Management - Video

By using deep learning AI, Worldline Fraud Management provides complete prevention against fraud attempts in account payments, instant payments, card payments and token-based payments - a true holistic service offering.

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