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Access Control Server

A complete solution to prevent fraud while supporting a large number of authentication methods and risk-based analysis.

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Prevent fraud and boost user experiences with this complete 3D-Secure authentication solution.

With online payments on the rise, and the risk of fraud, it's more important than ever to provide a 3D-Secure solution that tackles fraud yet preserves the user experience. Our Access Control Server provides a state-of-the-art solution for issuers, with PCI-3DS, emvco and schemes certification. It allows you to confidently manage 3-D Secure processes and authenticate cardholders during online payments.

Compliance assured.

It is reassuring to know that Worldline Access Control Server is fully compliant with PSD2 regulation and is EMV 3DS certified. It is also compliant with VISA Secure & Mastercard Identity Check card schemes. And its sheer flexibility means it is also fully adaptable to local regulations and schemes, making it ideal for cross-border transactions.

Effective authentication management.

Offering a smooth user experience, Worldline Access Control Server is fully adaptable to any payment card transaction. Thanks to the RBA rules engine, you decide whether to adapt a frictionless option in a low-risk situation or set strong customer authentication when the risk is higher. It also supports a large choice of authentication methods including OTP SMS with password, Out of Band on smartphones as well as biometrics, FIDO authentication, browser binding and various local methods.

Your powerful back-office tool.

Worldline Access Control Server gives you a powerful back-office tool that allows you to manage activities completely autonomously. Supervise cardholders and their transactions. Define rules. Create reports to follow PSD2 rules and assess KPIs schemes. And more. It puts the power in your hands.

A portal for cardholders.

For issuers who don’t have integrated cardholder information in their banking application, the cardholder portal allows issuers to enrol and manage cardholders. Entirely customisable, this web-based application helps cardholders manage their trusted beneficiaries and register their authentication credentials so they can carry out 3-D Secure transactions.

Service first.

Because Worldline Access Control Server is hosted in bi-site, bi-active architecture, we can promise – and deliver – high-quality performance and service continuity. 

See Access Control Server in action.

See how Access Control Server allows you to manage the critical 3-D Secure process and effectively authenticate your cardholders during online payments. It also combines security and user experience by proposing state-of-the-art rules management.

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