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Vending Suite

Seamless payment journeys taking your self-service business to the next level.

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Payments made easy. Customers made happy.

Your customers want simple ways to pay. You, as vending operators and integrators, want simple payment methods. Worldline Vending Suite keeps everyone happy with a seamless payment solution that allows your customers to pay in more ways than ever. It allows you to build the solution that works for you, whether with a tailored approach or with the full-service end-to-end option. This keeps control firmly in your hands and helps you unlock the potential of your self-service business. 

Payments now the easiest part of your customers' self-service journey.

We created Worldline Vending Suite to make things simple for vending operators and integrators. Kiosk integration is a breeze. You can set your own payment methods, accept a huge range of payment options and look forward to fast payment from us. You’ll also be working with just one partner and one portal from transaction to financial reconciliation. Whether you're a vending or retail operator, an integrator or a reseller, we've the ideal solution for you. 

A menu of payment services to match your ambitions.

Worldline Vending Suite is designed to help vending players like you with a unique – and very handy – set of payment services designed to create your seamless payment solution. We also let you tap into the latest trends from outdoor vending through to smart fridges.

  • Unattended terminals. Terminals can boost revenue and customer experiences whilst pan European acquiring boosts your acceptance. Secure, rugged technology is supported by easy, adjustable mounting. The terminals are EVA and NAMA standards compliant and the PIN entry devices meet SCA/PSD2 requirements. 
  • Mobile payment. In-app payment acceptance. eWallet. Loyalty. eCommerce.
  • Acceptance gateway. Flexible and real-time processing. Acceptance in poor connectivity. Smart routing.
  • Pan European acquiring. International and local card schemes. Worldline acquiring or connections to local acquirers.

Mobile payments make for a more satisfying self-service journey.

Take your vending business into the future. Add flexibility with mobile, in-app payment or wallets. Digitise self-service customer journeys and open a world of easy payment, upsells and promotions which can help you get even closer to customers. Just take your pick from a library of new use cases including Scan & Pay, Click & Collect and Click & Reserve. You’ll never look back.

Boost your business every day.

As a vending operator, you’re probably running expensive equipment spread across several sites, so flexibility, control and kiosk integration are everything. That’s why we’ve made it easy to deploy and operate vending machines via powerful tools like fraud prevention and remote management. You’ll be able to accept payments in areas with even the poorest connectivity, so you'll never miss a sale. And to give you crystal clear visibility of operations, you’ll find flexible, real-time reporting through a single portal.

Keep complete control of your funds.

The more ways you can accept payment, the more sales you make. With our unique à la carte approach to acquiring, you’ve got the flexibility to use preferred acquirers or our service anywhere in Europe. Plus, as processor and acquirer, you can rely on the same payment partner to simplify reconciliation between transactions and speed up your pay out. We get busy stripping away payment complexity so you can get busy growing your business. 

See how you can take your self-service business to the next level.

Discover how Worldline Vending Suite can make payment the easiest part of the customer journey. A unique set of payment services dedicated to vending operators and integrators, designed to give your operation a healthy boost. Choose a full service, end-to-end solution, or a tailored offer to shape payments benefits just the way you like.