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Trusted Interactions

Optimise the management of your customer relationship through secure and seamless interactions.

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Perfect your client-advisor relationship.

In an increasingly digital world, your customers expect online interactions to be of the same or even higher quality than those they have in person. The result? Higher customer expectations in terms of immediacy, personalisation, and security. With Worldline Trusted Interactions, you can easily adopt secure solutions for seamless exchanges thanks to its efficient interface.

Simplify your customers’ lives.

Your customers want a personalised, convenient experience when they interact with your business. Our solution provides easy access to their current and previous conversations while allowing them to receive event notifications. It also offers the flexibility to connect instantly with an adviser, whether via their web or mobile space. Carefully designed to meet your customers' requirements, our solution optimises their interactions, making every process run more smoothly.

Unlock your advisors’ full potential.

Equip your advisers with innovative tools to boost their productivity. Automated signatures and a selection of message templates enable your advisers to respond quickly to requests. Simplify management with real-time monitoring, absence management, and performance evaluation, using key indicators such as response times and satisfaction rates. Integrate these tools to transform your advisers into true augmented agents!

Secure your customers' interactions.

Requesting documents? Sharing sensitive information? Rest easy, knowing that all messages and documents are secure and cannot be intercepted with Trusted Interaction. Our solution is fully compliant with RGPD and PCI-DSS requirements. Data and messages are stored in our private, ISO27001-certified data centers, where they are systematically encrypted. With our solution, you can boost your customers' confidence by guaranteeing them totally secure communications.

Use AI to enrich the customer-advisor relationship.

Effective communication is essential, especially in customer-bank relationship.  Our AI-powered  enable our solution to provide optimal support to your customers. This technology allows you to offer unrivalled customer support, providing immediate responses to queries or redirection to self-service solutions. Equip your advisers with AI-suggested answers, or take it a step further by using answers generated entirely by AI. This versatility ensures each customer receives personalised, tailored, and effective advice. Future developments, such as sentiment analysis, will further enhance these interactions, enabling your advisers to respond to an increasing volume of queries without ever sacrificing service quality.

AI serving the financial industry to shape the future of CX

Dive into this white paper to explore the game-changing potential of generative AI in the financial industry, from data-driven insights to personalised services.

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Adapted to data sensitive use cases.

Worldline Trusted Interactions is designed for retail banks, healthcare institutions, public administrations and private banks that need to provide quality relationships and secure exchanges.

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