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Acquiring Processing

Expand your relationship with your merchants and delegate the processing to experts.

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Provide a full service across the acquiring value chain.

Now financial institutions can provide a complete, efficient payment value chain that delivers even more value to retail customers. That’s because Worldline Acquiring Processing offers a whole portfolio of highly effective multi-channel, multi-brand, multi-country, and multi-currency processing solutions. In the fast-changing payment market, it’s the kind of competitive advantage that can make a big difference to your business.

More time to create added value.

When it comes to acquiring processing, you probably have the ambition to spend less time managing data infrastructure and more time using data to create added value for your customers. Worldline Acquiring Processing can help you do just that with seamless processing of omni-channel payments that ​covers the entire payment value chain​.

Happy merchants, happy you.

With Worldline Acquiring Processing, you can outsource with confidence. Whether your business involves POS Acquiring or eCommerce Acquiring, our modular portfolio means you can build a solution around the needs of your merchants. This leads to more focus on better services to customers which translates into higher revenue and transaction volumes.

Handle more data, more quickly, with more peace of mind.

Take advantage of Worldline Acquiring Processing and relax. You’ll be able to handle data from a huge – and extendable – range of payment devices and protocols​. Because you’ll be using our powerful acquiring processing solution with its own IPRs and excellent market reputation, you see a short time-to-market too. And real peace-of-mind comes in the shape of high service levels and the fact our platforms are always up-to-date with the latest regulations​. 

Expand your relationship with your merchants and delegate the processing to experts

Full service across the acquiring value chain: we offer end-to-end services and help you to choose services you need to outsource in a cost-efficient way.

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