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Mobility Authorisation

A future proof, scalable service for authorisation of fuel and fleet card transactions.

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Convenience for your drivers. Peace of mind for you.

If your ambition is to enhance your fleet operations while minimising fraud, Worldline Mobility Authorisation is for you. It's a full service approach to fleet and mobility payment authorisation that supports acquiring and authorisation processing for fuel and fleet card transactions. Delivering outstanding fraud control, its future proof, scalable, and enables safe routing of fuel card payment authorisations with your partners across Europe.

Good for your drivers. Great for your business.

Payment authorisation the way it should be. Simple for your drivers to use across thousands of fuel stations and other outlets Europewide, including parking, tolls and ferries. Balancing that convenience is effective fuel authentication with card specific restrictions like how much fuel can be bought per day, total spend per day, what type of fuel can be bought and in which countries.

Fewer sleepless nights.

Effective fraud control and authentication brings real peace of mind when it comes to card payments. Worldline Mobility Authorisation fraud controls provide customised, card-specific use restrictions and card limits with very fine and granular logic for checking product codes and restrictions. Coupled with our Online Watcher's fraud detection module, it brings even more advanced fraud detection control. They're powerful weapons in the fight against fraud.

Seamless usage for charging, fuel, parking, ferries and tolls.

If your ambition is seamless usage and secure payment authorisation for your fleet drivers, Worldline Mobility Authorisation is the answer, connecting cards to hundreds of payment service providers across Europe. And it's not just for fuel — it also includes services like charging, parking, ferries and tolls.

Effortless integration.

Back office integration is no problem with Worldline Mobility Authorisation's standard APIs. Flexible, scalable, future proof, it'll grow as your business does. You'll always be up-to-date with compliance too, so that's one less thing to worry about.

It's not just for fleet managers.

Mobility Authorisation can also work hard for fuel companies. It allows more ways to pay and customer loyalty in station networks to make your petrol business grow.