Your Customers Need Payments Onboarding

We’ve all had that experience ramping up with a new product, where we’ve been promised this and that, only to be let down when it actually came to delivery. Timelines are forgotten, and reaching out for help leads to even more confusion.

Payments onboarding picture

How customers get acquainted with a product sets the tone for the relationship. Having a robust onboarding process in place increases customer lifetime value. It also gives them the opportunity to rave about your product, making it easier for potential customers to see the value in choosing you.

User onboarding is especially critical when it comes to payments, which can be a confusing service to get comfortable with without the proper set-up.


Why Does Payments Onboarding Matter?

If your customers use your software, chances are they are going to need a way to accept online payments. Their path to payments should be as seamless as their integration to you.

Your customers won’t want to spend a lot of time shopping around for a payments provider that integrates with your platform. They are already using your software, so they trust your expertise. Why not integrate payments directly into your software, giving them access the moment they sign up for your service?

When it comes to onboarding your customers with payments acceptance, you want to look for a provider that has a proven track record of quality service. They should be able to explain what features can make the biggest impact on your business, and provide documentation to put your developer’s mind at ease.

You’ve spent the time creating the onboarding process for your customers - you shouldn’t have to do the same for payments.


How Can You Streamline Payments Onboarding?

A good payments provider will be able to facilitate the entire process and give you a couple of integration options such as:

  • Offering a way to integrate payments onboarding directly into your existing solution using an API,
  • A branded onboarding solution that doesn’t require integration, such as a Hosted Screen.

A dedicated team focused on getting your customers set-up with everything they need from the get-go isn’t just a bonus; it’s essential. You should feel fully confident that your customers have the resources they need from day one, as well as when they mature.

Lastly, look for a payments provider that can scale with you. No matter how big your customer base grows, the onboarding experience should remain hands-off, time efficient, and thorough.

If it sounds like your business can benefit from a streamlined payments onboarding process, visit our Onboard & Earn page to learn more.