Worldline India Digital Payments Report Q1 2022

31 / 03 / 2022

From POS to QR solutions, Worldline India drives cashless transactions while catering to e-commerce, insurance, and hospitality sectors. Also explore the 'India Digital Payments Report' analyzing Q1 2022 transactions and the role of ONDC in India's Retail Revolution.

Report Q1 2022

It brings us great pleasure to share that the payment solutions offered by Worldline India have been growing across all categories. While in-store solutions are powering our partner banks to enable cashless transactions via acceptance modes like POS, SoftPOS, and QR solutions, our online payment suite caters to various sections such as e-commerce, insurance, hospitality, travel and tourism. Since the beginning of the year 2022, Worldline India has added new variants of Android and LINUX-based POS terminals in its portfolio while our SMB business has witnessed growth of about 50 % y-o-y.

We have also been working closely with government institutions to digitize small ticket-size transactions across municipal corporations and police departments. As the payments industry progresses towards creating user-friendly digital payment products at scale, innovations around Tokenization, UPI and Bharat QR, tap-on Phones, embedded payments, and digital currency are imperative and Worldline, being a global leader in the payment services is at the forefront of this digital revolution. At an organisational level, Ramesh Narasimhan has taken the reins of the organization as India's CEO. On this note, we hope you enjoy our flagship publication ‘India Digital Payments Report’ where we have analyzed digital payment transactions in Q1 2022 (Jan – March) as well as give our perspective on how ONDC will fuel India’s Retail Revolution.