How Worldline Hospitality Solution revolutionised Triose's Guest Payments

03 / 08 / 2023

Bringing to you another narrative from the series 'Business Success Stories of Buland Bharat' – the Triose Boutique Hotel's evolution with Worldline Hospitality Solution.

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Triose Boutique Hotel

Bringing to you another chapter from the series 'Business Success Stories of Buland Bharat' – the narrative of Triose Boutique Hotel's evolution with Worldline Hospitality Solution.

Revolutionising Guest Experiences: Triose Boutique Hotel's Journey Post The Pandemic

Nestled in scenic landscapes, Triose Boutique Hotel is situated opposite Lonavala Lake. It comprises three structures – Triose Plaza, Villa, and Hotel, each one being unique and charming in its own way. Triose Plaza offers multiple options for food and beverage, including a lounge bar, restaurants etc. It also has a three-screen multiplex, game zones amongst other avenues of recreation and leisure. Triose Villa and Hotel have 37 luxuriously furnished rooms, in 6 categories, with picturesque views of the Lonavala Lake or Agricultural Land. Amid the challenges posed by COVID-19, Triose decided to embrace digitalisation and enhance their guests’ experience.

A Challenge: The Need For A Contactless And Hassle-Free Guest Experience

In response to the pandemic's impact, Triose aimed to implement a user-friendly, contactless guest experience. Their goal was to integrate seamless and secure contactless payment services, ensuring a safe digital experience for guests, including the ability to collect payments from international guests with ease.

The Solution: Worldline's End-to-End Hospitality Payment Solution

Turning to Worldline, a leader in the payments space of India, Triose found a trusted partner to implement an end-to-end hospitality payment solution. The solution, designed for simplicity and rapid deployment, supports various use cases, from check-in to quick check-out, ensuring a consistent experience across digital channels. Notably, with features like Dynamic Currency Conversion, Triose enhanced its international guests' satisfaction by offering them the choice to pay in their preferred currency.

"Owing to their amazing team who works round the clock, Worldline provided us with the best-personalised payment solutions. Quick integration and best-in-class performance of their contactless solutions have increased our digital collections across various guest touchpoints and enhanced our guest experience. We couldn’t have asked for a better payment partner than Worldline India."

Geetika Todi, one of the founders of Triose Boutique Hotel

Conclusion: A Seamless Experience For Guests Seeking Stays With Luxury And Convenience

Triose Boutique Hotel's collaboration with Worldline showcases a commitment to elevating guest experiences through innovative digital solutions. The success story highlights the transformative power of technology in ensuring the continuity of exceptional service even in challenging times.

As a business, it is time to embrace a future where seamless and secure transactions redefine the landscape of hospitality.