How Worldline is helping Michel Reybier revolutionise the restaurant experience.

Worldline helps Michel Reybier bring premium service to its restaurant and hotel guests with innovative digital payment solutions.

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Serving up digital innovation.

Michel Reybier Hospitality is an exclusive hotel chain with 15 properties in France, Great Britain and Switzerland focused on offering the best customer experience to its guests. The team at Michel Reybier was looking for a payment provider to support them with an end-to-end hospitality-tailored solution that could address the specific needs of day-to-day hotel activity, incorporating digitalisation in all aspects of the exclusive services it provides to customers.

Michel Reybier Hospitality was eager, in particular, to provide the best guest experience possible in terms of speed and convenience with regard to its restaurants. The goal was to innovate with digitalisation in order to optimise and improve the guest experience, since many consumers today prefer not to call a restaurant to book a table or to wait for the bill at the end of a meal.

“Excellence, simplicity, authenticity, embodies the DNA of Michel Reybier Hospitality brand and the hallmark of all our establishments. With the pandemic COVID-19 situation we have taken a step forward in the digitalization of the customer experience at all the customer touchpoints. For our restaurants, open to local guests, we have developed a MRH app. Our aim was to automate, accelerate the customer experience from booking to payment to ensure the security and the safety of our guests. Thanks to Open Web Technology and to Worldline payment solutions that supported us during this app development. Today the high-tech approach, which made it possible to lighten our employees from certain tasks, was accompanied by a high-touch approach where our staff were able to concentrate on more value-creating activities for our guests.”

Samad Laaroussi, Digital Marketing Manager, Michel Reybier Hospitality

A tasty solution.

Michel Reybier Hospitality will use Open Web Technology’s exclusive payment application integrated with Worldline payment and acquiring services at its restaurants. The app is currently in a pilot phase at several locations in Zurich and Geneva and enables users to view the menu, place an order and pay the bill without waiting by scanning a QR code. The app accepts alternative payment methods, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, and offers bill-splitting options for guests using different payment methods to ensure a seamless and secure payment experience in line with the exclusive hospitality associated with Michel Reybier.


Worldline covers both card-present and eCommerce payment use cases as well as acquiring services and Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) for Michel Reybier. The advanced payment technology solution is designed to offer a range of payment capabilities to meet all hotel payment needs and is seamlessly integrated into Michel Reybier’s payment management system.

“Digitalising the customer experience is one of the key challenges faced by the hospitality industry. Michel Reybier has taken a step forward in digitalising the customer experience in its hotel restaurants, offering a seamless and high-quality experience while differentiating itself among competitors. Thanks to Worldline payment solutions, Michel Reybier can offer an end-to-end experience, from table booking to payment, to its customers.”

Chris Lanckbeen, Global Sales Director, Worldline Travel & Hospitality

Key benefits across the business.

  • A payment solution integrated with all Michel Reybier Hospitality systems and daily business activities, reducing manual work and keying errors.
  •  Increased back-office efficiency thanks to a powerful reporting tool, myPortal, that grants users access to customised transaction reports, dashboards, financial reconciliation, and an overview of the entire terminal infrastructure.
  • An enhanced guest experience due to the acceptance of all preferred payment methods and mobile wallets.
  • A high-end user experience in hotel restaurants thanks to a cutting-edge app that facilitates the customer journey from booking to payment.
  • Close-contact support from Worldline during the onboarding process.

About Michel Reybier Hospitality

Michel Reybier has been blazing the trail for a singular, highly contemporary vision of luxury and hospitality for over 20 years. Each of the Michel Reybier Hospitality destinations upholds his cherished values of excellence, authenticity and simplicity. Whether in a hotel or a villa or a private apartment, in the mountains or by the sea, in the countryside, in the heart of the vineyards or in the city, Michel Reybier pursues a single ambition: to share a refined art of living dedicated above all else to guests’ well-being and pleasure. This holistic approach is based on unforgettable experiences, where sport, food, wellness and passion from an inseparable whole. This approach is supported by the medical expertise of Nescens, whose ultimate goal is to ensure people live better, healthier lives for as long as possible. The promise of instilling meaning into each and every moment.

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About Open Web Technology

Open Web Technology is a technology and strategy consulting firm, helping its clients leverage new technologies to reshape their business, invent new products or transform their organisation. 

Open Web Technology is a brand of Swisscom Digital Technology SA, a joint venture established with Swisscom, whose goal is to become a leading provider of digital transformation consulting services for large companies in Switzerland in the Telecommunications, Banks, Insurances, Media, Healthcare and Consumer Goods industries.

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