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Worldline has been doing business in Latin America for over 20 years. We understand the challenges and risks involved and are well-positioned to help you take full advantage of the incredible opportunities these markets have to offer.

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A Valuable Market in Constant Growth





650+ million



$291 Bn

E-commerce market size



YoY growth (2020-2025)

Payment Landscape


Graph Payment landscape


Domestic vs. International Cards

Approval rate is higher when local cards are used for online purchases, from 20-45% for traditional offshore solutions to 60-80% for Worldline’s cross-border remittance solution.


Alternative Payments

Alternative payment methods such as cash, e-wallets and bank transfers comprise 27% of the Latin American payments landscape in 2021.



According to a survey on consumer behaviour by the Brazilian Consumer Credit Service (SPC Brasil), 79% of Brazilians usually resort to instalment payments.

 Worldline’s Offer

Simplify, optimise and grow your global e-commerce business in Latin America with Worldline’s online payment solution suite. We can help you access these vibrant markets and make your Latin American expansion a profitable and satisfying venture.


Enter new
markets fast

with or without
a local entity

Access local
payment methods

through a single

Drive payment

through established local partnerships and expertise

Comply with
local regulations

while staying on top of all government mandates


Flexible Service Levels

Worldline can offer you more business model options than any other payment solution provider, with unmatched flexibility. You can combine any of the services below to create a tailored Latin American payments strategy that meets your business requirements, growth plans, and sales goals. 

Cross-Border Remittance

The Cross-Border Remittance solution enables you to connect to all the relevant local acquirers via one single, integrated interface. This enables you to easily process payments locally in Latin America without needing to set up a local entity. At the same time, we help you manage FX risk by remitting funds in your preferred currency.


If you already have a local entity in Latin America, but would like to further accelerate your growth, our local payment Gateway is a good option. Through Worldline’s local Gateway service, we simplify your payment activity, locally and globally, by connecting you with major acquirers around the world.

Gateway Plus

The Gateway Plus option adds enhanced reconciliation to the Gateway services, helping you eliminate accounting errors and fully reconcile all transactions. Worldline matches the original order to the payment received from the customer and provides extensive reporting back to your business.

Cross-Border Remittance Solution

Worldline has been doing business in Latin America for over 20 years. We understand the challenges and risks involved and we enable you to process payments locally in the region’s largest markets without needing a local entity. Worldline's Cross-Border Remittance solution provides:

Access to local payment methods and currencies


Recurring payments


Instalment capabilities 


Higher approval rates
with local acquiring


Fund remittance out
of Latin America in USD or EUR 


Simplified taxation, risk, and compliance


No local entity required 


One integration into multiple markets

Worldline Payment Coverage in Latin America

Worldline can help you drive e-commerce growth in Latin America through our global reach, combined with local business, technology and payments expertise. 

Latin America

Key Markets in Latin America


Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America, and the region's most developed e-commerce market, covering over 50% of total e-commerce sales. 
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As the 2nd largest e-commerce market in the region, Mexico is a particularly strategic country for businesses looking to grow in Latin America. 
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Argentina is the 3rd largest economy in the region, making it one of Latin America's most interesting countries for business.

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Colombia is the 3rd largest e-commerce market in Latin America, making it an attractive opportunity in the region for international businesses.
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Chile is the 5th largest e-commerce market in Latin America, and consistently tops regional rankings for most indicators of human development.
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Peru is currently the 6th largest economy and e-commerce market in Latin America, with a robust GDP growth and a pro-business government.
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A fast-growing e-commerce market, combined with a strategic location and an educated population, makes Uruguay an attractive opportunity for business.
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Because of its dynamic economy, strategic location, and advanced transport system, Ecuador is one of the most favoured investment spots in the region.
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Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an ideal climate for business, being a strategic link for trade and transport between Central, South, and North America.
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Our solution is available for retail, marketplaces, digital, gaming & media, and travel businesses.

Sources: World Bank,, The Paypers

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