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The World after COVID-19

Based on research and some visionary insights from an international team of experts across Worldline's global business lines, this paper shows how the pandemic is accelerating existing trends in business and technology and creating a "new normal" for all businesses.
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Unicâmbio: expanding business horizons

In this interview, Paulo Jerónimo of Portuguese foreign exchange agency Unicâmbio discusses how the company is deploying Saferpay to help grow its e-commerce business.

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How will we pay? Everything you didn’t dare ask…

This latest briefing by Worldline provides industry insights into how and why payment is changing so rapidly and what these developments mean for banks, merchants and consumers.

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How to stay on top of a fast-changing world

As technologies evolve, the habits and behavior of end-users have changed beyond all recognition. Worldline monitors and analyzes how the most recent trends will affect organisations with headline tips on what to watch out for.
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How to create a new and superior shopping experience

The latest edition of the Worldline magazine: all about the new YUMI payment terminal; fighting online fraud; customer experience and what is new in the world of payments.
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