Worldline India Digital Payments Report Q1 2019

31 / 03 / 2019

Empowering digital payments in India: Worldline's cutting-edge offerings. Explore the RBI's vision document, the rise of digital transactions, and how Worldline's solutions drive the country's digital payment landscape.

report Q1 2019

We are successfully moving towards an exciting and fast-changing payment space that makes the digital payment experience ubiquitous, secure and frictionless for consumers and merchants even though cash is still king. The Reserve Bank of India in its latest vision document noted the decline in paper-based clearing instruments and observed a significant growth in acceptance infrastructure facilitating digital payments during 2015-2018. In the years to come, we are confident that India will witness over a 50 per cent rise in mobile-based payment transactions as projected in the document.

Worldline is committed to the cause of digitalizing the country with its state-of-the-art offerings. As a follow-up to our Annual Report on Digital Payments in 2018, we are excited to showcase an in-depth analysis of payment trends from January to March 2019 in this report. In addition, being the payment processor for a vast number of banks, we have also provided some interesting consumer payment behaviour.