Worldline Account-to-Account Payments

Account-to-Account Payments

A new way to pay which facilitates spending directly from a consumer’s bank account.

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Fast. Convenient. Secure. Online payments just had a makeover.

As customers increasingly use digital banking and payment methods, why not offer them an easier way to pay that bypasses traditional card and direct debit payments? Worldline Account-to-Account Payments is a mobile-native solution that allows you to facilitate payments directly from a customer’s bank account via their banking app. The result is a quicker checkout experience for them. And faster payments for you.

Cash-in on the fastest-growing payment method. Thanks to Open Banking (PSD2), the payment landscape has been transformed by allowing greater access to banks, increased digitalisation and stronger anti-money laundering.

Enrich your payment portfolio

In today’s digital economy, Account-to-Account Payments offer seamless, secure, and lightning-fast transactions, with the added convenience of mobile usage, making it the ideal choice for PSPs looking to enhance their portfolio.

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The customer journey

This is the new way to offer payment transaction processing. A simple credit transfer, in just a few steps. In short, it’s a whole new customer experience. Find out more by watching the video.