European Leasing & Consumer Credit Industry Annual Convention

We invite you to visit us at the networking lunch to explore Worldline Credit Insight solution. This innovative solution is designed to accelerate the credit checking process, ensuring it’s faster, fairer and more accurate. You can significantly enhance acceptance rates and elevate the overall customer experience.

Live event

05 - 06 / 10 / 2023


Vienna, Austria

European Leasing & Consumer Credit Industry Annual Convention

Join Worldline at the Annual Convention of the European Leasing & Consumer Credit Industry in Vienna.

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Worldline Credit Insight

When it comes to open banking credit checks, the choices you make are only as good as your information, which is why Worldline Credit Insight is so important. Backed by an open banking platform, we provide a faster, more accurate way of assessing a customer’s credit worthiness. And that means more efficient, fairer, user-friendly, data driven decisions that can delight customers, increase acceptance and cut defaults.

Scoring high in credit scoring.

Worldline Credit Insight helps you take advantage of the credit decision making benefits an open banking platform brings. Thanks to the API-based solution providing better data, we’ll help you increase acceptance rates, turn away fewer reliable prospects – even those with thin credit files. Within seconds risk indicators and a credit score are generated, giving you a highly accurate picture of the customers’ credit worthiness. It’s the future of lending.

Consumer Finance: The Transformative Impact of Open Banking & Open Finance

An Expert Paper from Worldline with expert opinions and insights from: Algoan, DirectID and FICO.

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