Inclusive Authentication Solutions

Inclusive authentication solutions

All users need to be secured!

Keep it safe

We offer inclusive authentication solutions to protect your users.

Worldline Trusted Authentication is adapted to all devices and offers different authentication tools to include all of your users.

Did you know that 33% of users are excluded from digital services because they are not equiped with a smartphone?

The PSD3 will tackle this challenge with the necessity to provide alternatives to smartphones for Strong Customer Authentication. Worldline Trusted Authentication is the right solution to enhance user experience, available on mobile and on browser for all sensitive use cases.

Accessibility: Inclusion is crucial for Authentication Solutions

90% of websites are inaccessible to people with disabilities who rely on assistive technology. To address this challenge, the European Accessibility Act and PSD3 will push for inclusive online services as of 2025.

Discover the current market situation and how Worldline can provide you with accessible authentication solutions.

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A more balanced way to upscale security.

Online security is all about balance. Too stern and it kills the user experience. Too lax and it doesn’t do the job properly. We can help you get it just right. Worldline Trusted Authentication is a simple way to implement SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) – whatever the user’s device - through an easy, intuitive user interface. Using multi-factor authentication solutions, it helps banks, merchants, public sector organisations and beyond, create experiences that are simple and secure.