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Discover Worldline’s end-to-end payment offering for Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) manufacturers in Europe

Best payment hardware for your TVM

Flexible and complete acquiring solutions

Public transport operators often rely on local acquirers to process their payment transactions and oversee the management of funds deposited into their bank accounts. In response to these particular requirements, Worldline has devised a customised acquiring solution, which can be outlined as follows:

  • Operators can engage directly with Worldline for a comprehensive pan-European acquiring solution
  • Alternatively, they can use our tailored omnichannel gateway to connect with multiple local acquirers across Europe.

Let's examine these options in more detail: Worldline's commercial acquiring enables pan-European coverage, empowering operators to seamlessly integrate with global payment schemes for smooth and standardised transactions across European markets.

Conversely, our tailored solution connects with numerous local acquirers, addressing the diverse requirements of local mobility operators and ensuring compliance with regional regulations.

In essence, Worldline's commercial acquiring solution offers mobility operators a dual advantage: expansive pan-European coverage for global transactions and flexibility to connect with local acquirers for both in-person acquiring (TVMs, offices) and acquiring for e-commerce transactions.

  • Powered by PCI PTSv6 and EMV 3.0 standards
  • Designed to withstand intensive use cases: IK10/IK10+ rating for durability
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments with IP65/IP44 protection
  • Easily integrated into any existing kiosk due to its dual form factors EVA - ARTEMA

Manage your transactions, create omnichannel use cases

Incorporating the Worldline In-Store Payment Gateway, is essential for mobility operators for multiple reasons. Firstly, it actively connects to Worldline acquiring or local acquirers, streamlining operations. Secondly, it simplifies terminal network management, reducing fleet management complexities. Lastly, it is seamlessly integrated within Worldline One Commerce, which unifies in-store and online payments for a tailored customer journey and a cohesive payments ecosystem.



David Demerie
— International Business Development