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Worldline Metaverse Mall

Establish your presence in the metaverse with Worldline Metaverse Mall.

Open your store in the metaverse

Establish your presence in the metaverse.

The metaverse is becoming increasingly prevalent. Now is the time to build your strategy for this new frontier of e-commerce. Worldline Metaverse Mall gives you easy access to the metaverse, with secure payments and a customer experience that is literally out of this world.

Join us in Decentraland.

Worldline Metaverse Mall is located on the popular and fast-growing Decentraland platform alongside other global brands. We opened a showroom in Decentraland in 2022 and we have already welcomed thousands of people and made payments in the metaverse a reality.

Get ready for e-commerce in the virtual world.

The metaverse is set to be the next e-commerce channel that will transform your customer relationships and open up endless possibilities to grow your business. Worldline Metaverse Mall gives you that all-important first presence in the metaverse. With innovative features such as Metaverse Payments, Target Advertising, Augmented Reality and Phygital Experiences, we make sure you are ideally placed for growth in this channel.

The Decentraland platform:

• Based on blockchain technology

• Managed by its users via a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation)

• Allows easy and convenient entry via web browser or desktop client (guest login or with crypto wallet).

A flexible package, tailored for your metaverse ambitions.

Our white label solution gives you the opportunity to enter and grow your business in the 3D virtual world. All our packages include an annual shop rental and allow you to present your products in the metaverse, advertise your goods and services and choose from a range of add-ons such as augmented reality, chatbots and phygital experiences. We offer a smooth and secure payment solution for all our metaverse merchants.

Want to set up your e-commerce store and join us in the metaverse? Need more insights about the Worldline Metaverse Mall before you take the plunge?