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Bill Pay & Match

A white-labeled platform for e-invoicing and VAT e-reporting in Europe for corporates, banks and software providers.

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Be ready for new e-invoicing regulations and optimised VAT reporting.

E-invoicing and e-reporting regulations come fast all over Europe particularly in 2024. More than a constraint, this is an opportunity for processes improvement, resources optimisation and easier reporting of VAT collected. In France, Worldline Bill Pay & Match will be a Plateforme de Dématérialisation Partenaire – PDP”.

E-invoicing and e-reporting services.

Worldline Bill Pay & Match provides a secure way to facilitate recuperation of data from any ERP system - ensuring conformity and controls for e-invoicing in multiple formats. Our multi-connectivity also ensures the sending/reception of invoices from any customer, supplier and public e-invoicing platform. We will help you to achieve safe, compliant, on time VAT declaration, while fulfilling audit trail.

Invoice settlements and payments.

Time is precious. With Worldline Bill Pay & Match, you can automate reconciliation, while multi-channel Request to Pay optimises collection of payments on invoices, freeing up your time to focus on more strategic tasks and growing your business. You will also benefit from dedicated customer and supplier web portals to propose B2B payment and financing services, manage invoice validations and disputes.

Compliance and Security.

We know that security and compliance are critical. That’s why we ensure the highest level of security for data management. Hosted in several data centers, we ensure all your data is located in European countries (e.g. in France for SecNumCloud), while complying with European secure cloud regulations, enforcing European sovereignty for CTC data management.

Discover how our B2B payment services will improve cash management.

Worldline Bill Pay & Match drives the power of Request to Pay, open banking and e-invoicing networks to give better visibility, traceability and predictability on account receivables and payables.