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Haunting omnichannel retail hazards at Halloween and beyond: Ignore at your own risk!

Haunting omnichannel retail
hazards at Halloween and beyond:
Ignore at your own risk!



Halloween is a scary holiday, and you could be forgiven for freaking out at this time of year. The haunted houses, the ghouly ghosts, the wicked witches… and the perturbing pressure to satisfy devilishly demanding Halloween shoppers in every channel.

There are harrowing tales of what happens to businesses that don’t keep up with market trends, adapt to new consumer behaviors, and capitalize on new avenues for expansion. The solace? You can keep the horror away and BOOst your business growth.

Let us treat you to the scariest scenarios for this old Hallows Eve (and the rest of the year) - and the solutions for salvation. You can thank us later.


Ghastly customer experiences

When customers enter your store, are you completely in the dark with regards to their previous history with your brand? Are your store associates (or worse, your customers) in agony because they totally lack context for the interaction? Are your marketing campaigns mere skeletons of what they could be?

(Pumpkin) spice up your customer relationships by delivering a thrilling experience every time, whether you are meeting your customers online, in store or on-the-go!

Centralizing your transaction data in a powerful omnichannel payment solution will enable new services that can drastically improve customer engagement and loyalty: try & buy, endless aisle, click & return, recurring payments...

Give your customers the candy they crave in the shape of a superior user experience at every point of interaction, and cackle all the way to the bank.


A wicked lack of localization

It’s a macabre truth: if all you offer your international customers is your home market's preferred style of payment, you might scare them away for good.

Most shoppers will run screaming and take their business elsewhere if you don't present the payment page in their language, if they can't pay in their currency, and if you don't let them use the payment methods they prefer. RIP international success!

Exorcise this ghost once and for all by allowing your customers, wherever they are, to pay with their preferred payment methods: international brand schemes, domestic payment schemes, and alternative payment methods. Soothe their souls (and yours) by making sure both your POS and e-commerce systems enable them to check out in their local language, and to pay in their local currency.


Business intelligence graveyards and zombie data

Too often, valuable transaction records are left isolated in silos where they die a silent death. They slowly turn into zombie data, instead of being brewed into the magic potion called customer insight.

And while your business intelligence potential sleeps its forever sleep in a lonely graveyard, decisions are being made without the crucial information that is now required to develop seamless brand experiences and satisfy the desires and preferences of your most valuable customers.

Put this evil to rest with a payment platform that consolidates all your transaction and payment data, regardless of channel, and makes true data intelligence available for everyone in the organization.


Consolidation nightmares

When you have disparate systems for online, POS and mobile sales, you must manually reconcile transactions across channels. Without an easy way to consolidate data from all payment methods and transaction types, you run the risk of spending your valuable time battling frightfully mismatched reports instead of analyzing the fastest-growing product trends or deciding where to make strategic investments to grow.

To kill this curse forever, choose an omnichannel payment platform that collects all data in one place and delivers full ERP integration and merchant notification. Make sure the merchant portal is secure, fast, and user-friendly, and that you keep full control over user management and dispute handling - all in your own language.


Blood-curdling lock-in effects

Do you dread being locked to a payment service provider forever? The fear and trembling is legitimate. Being unable to replace cobwebbed technology or uncanny providers without gruesome switching costs can snuff out your agility and ability to innovate. AAAH!

Bury this specter for good by choosing an omnichannel payment platform designed for flexibility, which allows you to leverage the value of your previous payment investments.


Candy wrap-up

If all these hair-raising horrors had you a little spooked, take heart. While the dawn of the new world of omnichannel retail does present some haunting challenges, it also creates extraordinary opportunities to stir sparkle-eyed customer smiles, kill unnecessary costs, and distill the witches‘ brew of back-office reporting into crystal-clear intelligence.

At Worldline, we are ready to play our part in preventing your business from joining the living dead. Our global omnichannel payment solution, WL One Commerce Hub, can help you

  • increase customer engagement by making POS and digital experiences consistent, convenient and customized
  • boost agility and innovation by enabling new services and business models across different points of interaction
  • grow your business in new markets while optimizing transaction processing costs.

It’s almost supernatural.

Happy Halloween!

Ready for relief? Drop a line to to book a free consultation with one of our friendly, totally non-scary omnichannel payment experts.