Funidelia: international growth over a decade of collaboration on payments.

Two entrepreneurial friends working in the online industry, who had other friends who used to buy costumes in the US paying a lot in customs and taxes and shipping costs… They decided to investigate opportunities and they found a gap. Discover the amazing story of Carlos Larraz and Toño Escartin, two troublemakers who are determined to make your fancy dress parties even more crazy. And all this in a few clicks!

A trio of superheroes are ready for life's challenges.

The thrill of the first transaction.

“It started on September 4th, 2011. We remember the name and the location as one of the best experiences in our history! Our first transaction was recorded on our Spanish site. In 2017, we opened a German depot which was a first step in the European expansion and one year later our sales exceeded 20 million euros. We needed to ensure that we were providing a complete and seamless customer experience: this became possible with Worldline.

"In the whole user experience, the payment is the final phase and we needed a reliable payment partner who could help us guarantee a successful customer journey from beginning to end" said Carlos Larraz - Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer – Funidelia.

“We can look with confidence to the future and contemplate our strong growth, knowing that we can rely on a reliable, flexible and international payment partner.”

Carlos Larraz, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Funidelia

A payment partner to handle peak periods. And the rest.

Funidelia chose Worldline for its expertise, responsiveness and ease of integration.

In peak periods, the Funidelia site receives hundreds of thousands of orders in just a few hours. With a presence in more than 32 countries, Funidelia offers 14 different payment methods to suit consumers in all its target markets.

Worldline’s payments platform benefits Funidelia with:

  • Easy setup : New payment methods can be added simply and quickly.
  • Reduced costs : Funidelia has drastically reduced its costs thanks to payment partner with local expertise in each of its geographical markets.
  • Mobile responsive : Thanks to a platform adapted to all screens, 70% of Funidelia’s sales are now made on mobile devices. 


New horizons with global online payments.

“From the beginning, we thought that we needed to become a high-volume business to succeed. Therefore, we took advantage of not having barriers in the online world and started selling into other countries. Our dream for the future is to become global and to be able to create trends, in this industry.” Carlos Larraz, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Funidelia

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