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Meet the women and men of Worldline - Marie Fraisse

Meet the women and men of Worldline
Marie Fraisse

Marie Fraisse


What is your line of work? Why did you join the technology business in the first place? What motivated you?

Located in Rennes (France), I am currently in charge of the delivery, the distribution and the business development of a new international offer dedicated to the transportation industry. I am working for the Mobile & e-Transactional Services Business Line with teams in Rennes and Seclin (France) and I also have a lot of interactions with an international network of colleagues at global level.

Before starting my career in the IT business, I never considered that I had a pure "geek" profile! Coming from the literary world, I was not particularly familiar with technology; this domain was almost unknown to me. I discovered technology by chance during my studies in scientific preparatory classes and then in Engineering school. From there, technology started to become a clear source of interest and curiosity for me. Through technology and its concrete applications, I learned many different things in various domains. It is very interesting and useful to understand in details how things work and how people use technology in their daily life. That's why I decided to join the technology business at the beginning of my career, although I had no particular appetite for it before.

When I joined Worldline, I hadn’t heard of the company before. But from the beginning, I really enjoyed the Worldline experience! Worldline is a company where you can really reach your full professional potential. It is a wellbeing and friendly company that ensures its employees have a stimulating and motivating working environment, encouraging team spirit, enthusiasm, recognition and quality of work. This is motivating and energizing, I really have the feeling I can make things happen and contribute to the company's success. 


What do you find more challenging in your profession?

What is the most challenging for me in my job is to grow and move my product forward, the same way you raise a baby! At the beginning, you start with very little but you know that you have the potential to successfully transform it into a magical product that will conquer the world. You need to seize all the opportunities to promote your product everywhere internally by federating and mobilizing the teams while being assertive enough to sell it externally. Two years ago, nobody in Worldline knew the offer I am in charge of and now, we’ve won the Paris market. I am hopeful that this is the beginning of a success story. My ambition is to help Worldline become an e-Transport services expert and leader just as it is in payments!


What are you most proud of in your work?

My major source of pride is my team. Although we are under pressure and have big challenges to face, my team seems to be happy at work. I foster a friendly atmosphere in which all my team members can be involved, focused on the delivery and also be proactive by proposing new solutions to improve efficiency and performance. It's great to be able to work in such conditions!


Being a woman in a technology company which is a business sector where women are less represented in average than in banking or media and communication for example, what would you say to young women thinking about their future professional orientations?

I would tell them to try. If they are interested, they will manage and they will succeed as well as men. During my career at Worldline, I never had the feeling that being a woman would be a difficulty; it was more an advantage or strength as we are not many, and it’s easier to remember the woman among the men. As the work in technology companies is mainly made of teamwork, they will never be alone; there is a real team and helpful spirit. And most of all, there are so many different jobs in technology that you can choose your career as you want it depending on your wishes: being a technical expert, a manager, a functional expert, a pre-sales engineer… everything is possible.


What would you advise your female colleagues to do within Worldline to successfully develop their career path?

I would use a sentence taken from a French film, which I myself say when I’m not completely at ease: forget you won’t be able to do it, give it a try and it will work. Just forget your fears and do it!!! Act instead of asking yourself if you are really the right or the best person for the job. And always keep your sense of humor.


What would say to your male colleagues?

I would ask them to keep laughing with us. And also that I’m convinced that our combined strengths and weaknesses will make the most successful teams and projects.


What advices would you give to achieve Work-life balance?

I live my job like a passion. I enjoy working and I never feel it is a constraint to work. According to me, it's key to have a fulfilling and rewarding job as you spend a lot of time at work. But to get the right balance, I need to enjoy my private and family life too. This requires being able to set your own limits and clearly in some circumstances you need to say no to both your family and work. But this is working for me because my family is very supportive and understands the situation, so everybody behaves in a way to ensure things go smoothly. At each step of your life, your work-life balance changes. When my children were younger, I was used to spending more time with them. Today, they are more autonomous, so I have the flexibility to invest more time in my job. It is a question of opportunity/luck and the right timing. 


How has Worldline helped you to advance in your career and reach your professional goals?

Worldline is a company in which you can grow. If you are ambitious, you can always push the boundaries further, shape your own job and take wider responsibilities. Management is very supportive too and gives you all the flexibility and the autonomy you need to reach your objectives. As a manager, I have the opportunity to actively contribute and be involved in many different tasks: project management, pre-sales activities, financial and budgeting follow-ups, customer relationships, among others. I also participate in the everyday life and development of my site (facilities, organization of employee wellbeing events, integration of new joiners, hosting of informational meetings). It is a multifaceted role, very far from my initial perception and expectations. All these aspects should be better promoted and valued in universities and engineering schools. Being an engineer is not only a technical matter, it offers much more opportunities!

I have always been given the right opportunities and the right support for my career development within Worldline. During my professional journey, I also had the chance to meet the right people who helped me grow up, who believed in me, who trusted me and gave me the time needed to progress. Without them, I would probably not be at the same point in my career. People really have a caring attitude at Worldline and you can rely on them to provide you support at each step of your career. What I also really appreciate within Worldline is the fact that you can build and shape you own opportunities, the playground is huge! And if you are willing to take up new challenges and take wider responsibilities, no one will stop you!