A look back at the first Worldline e-Payments Challenge Hackathon

Last week, after a very interesting Opening Conference led by Maud Bailly, AccorHotels' CDO, Marc-Henri Desportes, Worldline's Deputy CEO, Pascal Mauzé, Worldline's Head of Sales & Marketing, and Worldline Experts, Fintech startups challenged themselves during 48 hours to deliver solutions for Worldline clients using Worldline assets during the e-Payments Challenge Hackathon.

Blockchain – the technology set to shake up the logistics ecosystem

In 2016, the media revealed the capabilities of Blockchain to the general public. Since then, no less than five articles a day are published online on the subject. This technology, which originated from Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency created in 2008, has now broken away from the financial sector to attract other sectors: insurance, art and even logistics.

Stolen card? Blockchain to the rescue!

After exploring the use of Blockchain in cars’ maintenance books and corporate bonds, Worldline turned its attention to in-store fraud prevention with stolen/lost payments cards. Olivier Maas, R&D Manager at Worldline, discusses how Blockchain could become a mean to lower fraud by incorporating this technology in an already existing process, the Point of Sale (POS) Terminal hotlists.