A look back at the first Worldline e-Payments Challenge Hackathon

Last week, after a very interesting Opening Conference led by Maud Bailly, AccorHotels' CDO, Marc-Henri Desportes, Worldline's Deputy CEO, Pascal Mauzé, Worldline's Head of Sales & Marketing, and Worldline Experts, Fintech startups challenged themselves during 48 hours to deliver solutions for Worldline clients using Worldline assets during the e-Payments Challenge Hackathon.

Blockchain – the technology set to shake up the logistics ecosystem

In 2016, the media revealed the capabilities of Blockchain to the general public. Since then, no less than five articles a day are published online on the subject. This technology, which originated from Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency created in 2008, has now broken away from the financial sector to attract other sectors: insurance, art and even logistics.

Stolen card? Blockchain to the rescue!

After exploring the use of Blockchain in cars’ maintenance books and corporate bonds, Worldline turned its attention to in-store fraud prevention with stolen/lost payments cards. Olivier Maas, R&D Manager at Worldline, discusses how Blockchain could become a mean to lower fraud by incorporating this technology in an already existing process, the Point of Sale (POS) Terminal hotlists.

Blockchain, beyond the buzz

Blockchain has been the talk of the town for a while now but what is it really? Let’s start by saying what it is not… Blockchain is not just about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies or even just financial services. Of course, these are the most commonly-known applications of this technology but Blockchain is capable of a lot more and can be applied to a wide variety of verticals. Nicolas Kozakiewicz goes behind the buzzword to explain what is the Blockchain technology and how Worldline integrates it in its innovations.