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Worldline, winner of three 2016 PayFORUM awards

Winner of three 2016 PayFORUM awards



Each year, the PayForum Awards reward the most innovative solutions and products of the payment industry in France. In 2016, applicants submitted 147 applications and only 16 winners were chosen by the jury. Among these winners, Worldline received three Awards for his three applications.

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Mandate & SEPA transaction services: the secured digital recurring payment

Worldline is engaged in non-card payments since 2006 through its WL eBanking Payment Services solution. With the 2014 SEPA migration, the solution became European and was enriched with the addition of the direct debit payment method, named “Mandate & SEPA transaction services”, which is composed of 4 modules:

  • SEPA mandates and transactions management : SEPA mandate creation and the conversion of domestic formats to SEPA formats, production of payment instructions in SEPA format (direct debit and credit transfer),
  • E-signature of SEPA mandates,
  • Fraud: fraud management tools in simple or scoring modes,
  • PayButton: payment platform for the development of recurring payments in e-commerce.


This service, which is actually used by more than 700 creditors all over Europe, allows merchants and consumers to find the right balance between security and digitalization of the recurring payment thanks to the electronic signature of mandate.



WL Connected Piggy Bank

Thanks to IoT, Worldline offers WL Connected Piggy Bank, a personified banking service through a connected piggy bank. It has a complete ecosystem combining a smart object, an online platform and a mobile banking application. This innovative concept encourages simple and fun social interactions between children, their families and the piggy bank.


The piggy bank becomes an easy-to-use smart bank savings enabler, always available, whether it is in the kids’ room or in the cloud through the mobile application and online banking. This solution’s scalability allows it to be enriched with new services such as the management of the banking mobility and reliability of banking information in real time.


Discover WL Connected Piggy Bank in action.


WL Trusted Authentication with FIDO (Fast ID Online) compliance

Worldline offers a solution designed and developed to address its clients’ needs for end users’ strong authentication during the access to an online personal space or during the approval of a financial transaction, while maintaining an efficient user experience.

Simple and economical, the solution is based on the well-established concept of "what I own” (the mobile), "what I know" (a secret code) or of "what I am" (the fingerprint). The combination of, at least, two of these factors, is considered as a strong authentication, according to the FIDO alliance. Biometrics having been adopted by the main smartphones manufacturers (Apple and Samsung) as a security and identification component, our offer WL Trusted Authentication with FIDO compliance is ready to be used on the latest smartphones generation as well as future ones.

It also offers an additional physically owned factor (a FIDO key) which strengthens the authentication process and can be used on the customer’s different devices of via USB, NFC or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

FIDO (Fast ID Online) is a renowned technical specification, based on an open and interoperable set of mechanisms, for online strong authentication. It is currently supported by more than 200 large IT companies. The coupling of our strong authentication with FIDO interoperability opens up new business opportunities for our customers but also prepares them in terms of compliancy with upcoming regulations.

Know more about our WL Trusted Authentication solution.

Discover WL Trusted Authentication in action.