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Meet the women and men of Worldline – Séverine Parzysz

Meet the women and men of Worldline
Séverine Parzysz

Séverine Parzysz

Operations Director - Digital Services (Benelux/Nordics) / Track & Trace Solutions (Global)

What is your line of work? Why did you join the technology business in the first place? What motivated you?

In a few words, I would say that my job is to make the digital services of our customers happen.
I initially focused on IT because of the new uses that technological innovations made possible, but also because my curiosity pushed me to understand what was happening behind the scenes.

When I first started my career, before the 2000s, I was far from imagining that the evolution of technologies and digital uses would give me so many opportunities to always feed my curiosity and to learn on a continuous basis. Today, my motivation is fueled by the diversity of our clients' activities that I can grasp through the services and the technologies that I bring to them.


What do you find more challenging in your profession?

The most challenging, and the most exciting at the same time, is finding the right match between the purpose of the service and the needed technical response. Clients often express their need through a technical requirement; and the IT market is full of promising solutions! The challenge is to bring the debate back to the business need so that the solution can be the most appropriate and with the right potential for evolution. Supporting the customers in their projects is an everyday challenge and requires creating a close relationship based on mutual trust.


What are you most proud of in your work?

I am particularly proud to have taken up the challenges that Worldline has offered me in terms of career development. I have had the opportunity to try on a lot of different hats, even that weird one that I did not think I would ever like but ended up liking regardless. Looking back at my career in Worldline so far, I can say that I have lost track of all the different missions that I have been involved in, from programming to executive functions, and management and business development as well. Now I feel comfortable in a lot of different areas and I am still adding strings to my bow every day.


What advices would you give to achieve work-life balance?

Love your life! And love your work!

More seriously, the term "work-life balance" introduces a contrast, a border, between two notions that are neither paradoxical nor exclusive. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is very subjective and that the same standard cannot apply to everyone. I think the important thing is to have the luxury of choosing and building your own balance by picking from the available opportunities without trying to apply a miracle recipe.


How has Worldline helped you to advance in your career and reach your professional goals?

Since joining the company in 1999, I have been given the chance to grow regularly through different job opportunities. The first lever is the growth of the business that creates new opportunities, but the most valuable help is the ease of internal mobility that allows you to work with different colleagues, different customers and discover new best practices. An equally important ingredient that Worldline brings is the variety of training and coaching programs that allow everyone to enrich themselves in the areas that are important to them and in keeping with their desire for development.