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Magento and the Game of Tetris

Magento and
the Game of Tetris

Sharan Shah

Product Manager / Ingenico ePayments

Imagine playing a game of Tetris and never reaching the ceiling. Fun isn’t it? When it comes to eCommerce, Magento is that infinite version of Tetris where you can scale your operations without ever worrying about reaching your limits.

Over the years Magento has built a vast ecosystem of technology, developers and extensions all built around the core platform. Payment processing on Magento stores, realized with extensions built by trusted partners like Ingenico, has been a pivotal part of the rise in the popularity of Magento. Ingenico has been offering a Magento payments extension that can provide reliable and scalable payment processing for all online merchants. 

It is interesting how an open source platform keeps being relevant a decade after its inception. If you need a one-stop shop that does it all for a very long time with a very good ROI – Magento is your go to platform. 

Adobe acquired Magento in 2018 and executed the End of Life of Magento 1 on 30th June 2020. Adobe has used Magento 2 as a core to build Adobe Commerce Cloud which has been included in the Adobe Experience Cloud suite. This puts Magento in a very powerful position to cater products to three different types of audiences: Open Source (Magento 2), Full Suite (Adobe Experience Cloud), SMB & Mid-Market (Magento Commerce). The Ingenico - Magento Extension can seamlessly integrate with all three Magento versions. 

This legendary platform under the product vision of Adobe has made some notable improvements.



  • New & Improved Back End (Admin Panel)
  • Included within Adobe Experience Cloud suite
  • Drag & Drop Content Builder to easily design the front end


Full page caching comes out of the box

Improved Database Support

Faster Checkout Page & Payment Process


  • Detach the back end from front end - Headless Architecture
  • Magento Commerce for SMB
  • Adobe Commerce Cloud for Enterprise Merchants


We have built a modern payments extension that helps you to create a seamless checkout experience for your customers, process your payments with ease, and manage all your transactions from within your new Magento Dashboards. However, we also understand that integrations could need some technical assistance and that is why our support team is here to help with any technical difficulties you may encounter. We offer support in your local language across Europe to ensure a smooth set up. (English, French, Dutch, Spanish…)

The Ingenico - Magento Extension is just like vertical bar in Tetris, it fits right-in and removes multiple layers of complexity.


This article was originally published on Since October 28, 2020, Ingenico has joined Worldline.