Key steps for a successful onboarding process

Customers expect a fast and seamless digital experience from companies. Every generation has greater digital expectations than the previous. Some will expect the opening of a bank account to be as simple as opening a social media account. How do we manage prioviding companies a 5-minute onboarding process, with a top guarantee of security, a fast integration to their systems? Read the answerfrom our expert in this article.

How onboarding processes have been impacted by COVID-19

Online sign-up processes have been part of the digital transformation landscape for some time. However, the sanitary crisis drastically increased the needs in such services. In sensitive contexts, such as banking services, digital onboarding involves specific requirements. In the meanwhile, regulation evolves and the whole industry is striving for providing the best service and experience conceivable. More info on digital onboarding from our expert in this blog.

Improve your conversion rate with an optimised online payment experience

To define the most effective checkout conversion tips, we’ve conducted extensive research in user experience. The following actions can come in handy especially since online cart abandonment rates are at a staggering 69% globally. Overcoming obstacles in the conversion funnel - especially at the payment stage - is crucial for online merchants if they want to maximise their potential revenue.

Inside the mind of a hacker

For companies to prevent hostile hackers from successfully attacking them, they need to understand how hackers think and what they look for. Too many companies today seem to have forgotten this simple lesson. In this interview with Kasper Brandt, who is the head of Atos’ dedicated team of extraordinary white hat hackers, we are invited to get a firsthand understanding of the mind of a hacker.