Meet Emilie

Meet Emilie. She has so many interests in the physical world around her (sport, art, theatre) that the digital world gets her attention most when it can help her do things more easily. For the past ten years or so, Emilie (who recently celebrated her 40th birthday) has happily embraced social networks and adopts technology that is useful and convenient – like an app to help recycle her unwanted clothes that she found out about from Jack via the online local community forum. Online food shopping was a no-brainer for her. While she is no stranger to simple pleasures like walking in the park in the rain, she has always had an affinity with the letters V.I.P! Maybe as they rhyme with her name, or maybe because she enjoys pampering and V.I.P. experiences that match her interests and outgoing personality. 

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Meet Emilie

… So it is there for them whenever and however suits them best!

Not only can Emilie’s SmartSpeaker answer many of her banking questions, it also proactively advises her on things like savings options and upcoming bills.
Jack has been saving up for his dream eBike. He can see clearly on his multimodal SmartDisplay how much he has saved and when he will be ready to make the purchase.
While on her mountain hiking holiday Emilie realises she has lost her bank card, so she uses her bank Mobile App to block her card. She does this by tapping the CARD BLOCKING button on the screen and then she exchanges text messages with a chatbot so her bank can take care of the rest. 

Jack receives a warning message from his bank via his preferred social instant messaging app…

The BankAssistant cancels the fraudulent payment and offers Jack a callback from an adviser if he needs reassurance or more information.