Over the past ten years, the world has seen a number of mergers and acquisitions between some of the biggest players in the global payments market. European payments powerhouse Worldline has not been shy to take the lead in pursuing consolidation in Europe. CEO Gilles Grapinet reflects on the game-changing nature of the Worldline Group’s acquisition of Ingenico in 2020, which is set to benefit its clients, stakeholders, and society.

Invigorated by its new positioning in the market as the world’s number four global digital payments leader, a new Worldline is emerging, even more, determined to deliver its company purpose to create sustainable economic growth for its clients and for society.

Worldline is using its new global reach and capabilities to work more closely with the financial services sector around the world. A new partnership with the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group demonstrates how financial institutions can divest their commercial acquiring operations to scale up their digital offerings to enhance their core customer relationship activities.

Digitisation in payments and transactions continues to be a growing trend as businesses and their customers seek seamless user experiences while navigating highly secure digital environments. This issue contains interviews with several financial and strategic experts who share their predictions for the likely global megatrends we will see in the coming 3-5 years in the payments industry due to the increased focus on the frictionless user experience.

In Latin America,, accelerated digitisation has been welcomed with open arms as seen in the fast development of new initiatives such as Pix and the adoption of digital payments and digital currencies. Central bank digital currencies are also being developed in this region, where having a credit card or even a bank account has never been very common.

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Worldline's new ambitious goals

In November 2020, Worldline merged with Ingenico bringing the two companies closer to their shared vision of creating sustainable economic growth for banks as well as for retailers and merchants. The merger made Worldline the fourth largest payment player globally and opened the doors to new international consolidation opportunities.
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Megatrends In Global Payments

An extensive overview of megatrends in global payments affecting banks, merchants and consumers, from Buy Now, Pay Later to AI-powered innovation in user experience to guide industry players on how best to approach these trends and map the challenges and opportunities they will bring.

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Customer is King CX and European Banks

In a landscape increasingly shaped by fintech challengers and heightened security regulations, it is more important than ever for banks to offer a seamless user experience along with the highest levels of security. 

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Mergers And Acquisitions In The Payments industry across Europe

The payments industry is seeing an upturn in the mergers and acquisitions in the payments industry as companies consolidate to compete for scale and reduce costs in the face of the challenges posed by fintechs and new companies specialising in e-commerce payment systems in a shifting regulatory environment.
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Stronger Together Worldline’s Partnership With ANZ

Digital payments, enhanced security and omnichannel solutions: Mark Hand of the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) outlines the advantages of the recent banking partnership with Worldline as part of ANZ’s goal to create a simpler and more digitally focussed banking experience.
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Latin America’s Revolutionary Payments Growth

Latin America has embraced the benefits of digital payments. This development is happening fast, and the entire region is adopting digitisation.

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Are We Heading Towards A European Token Economy Driven By The EU Commission

As the EU explores the potential to regulate blockchain technology and crypto assets with its proposed Market in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation,
Dr Joachim Schwerin, the principal economist at the European Commission, gives his personal views on how a token economy could be a means to advance the goal of the digitalisation of the European economy in a safe, legal and regulated manner.  
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What Is The Future Of Banking In Europe

As the market share of European banks comes under serious threat from fintechs offering consumers more user-friendly and agile banking alternatives, expert partner at McKinsey & Company Olivier Denecker and Worldline’s Wolf Kunisch provide insights into how banks can turn emerging consumer trends in the payments industry to their advantage. 

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Unifying Worldline Under A New Global Brand Identity

Following the merger with Ingenico, Worldline has set out on its biggest rebranding ever, consolidating its brand portfolio and launching a new global brand identity. We talked to Claes Nyströmer, Group Head of Brand and Digital Reputation at Worldline Global, about the new identity, the rationale behind the rebranding and how it will benefit Worldline’s clients in the future.
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Worldline’s Story

The Worldline story began in 1973 when it won the first-ever card transaction processing contract. Over the years, it acquired Equens and Cardlink. It entered a new chapter in 2020 when it acquired Ingenico. Find out more about how Worldline became a new global leader in the payment services industry. 

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The New World-Class Leader In Digital Payments

An overview of Worldline, now the fourth-largest payment provider worldwide, and why it is increasing its focus on research, innovation and its relationship with the European Payments Industry Alliance (EDPIA).  

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New Worldline, New Strategic Goals In Payments

Former Ingenico Senior Vice President Grégory Lamertie is now Head of Strategy, M&A and Public Affairs at Worldline, assesses the current payments market and outlines Worldline’s strategic opportunities, synergies and goals over the next few years.  
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Meet the Worldline Scientific Community

Meet members of Worldline’s Scientific Community tasked with identifying and analysing key trends in society, business, and technology to arrive at valuable strategic insights for Worldline clients and help them prepare for the future. 

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