The Worldline Scientific Community identifies and analyses key trends in society, business and technology. By predicting how these trends will evolve, the community creates valuable strategic insights for our clients, helping them to prepare for the future.

David Daly, Editor-in-Chief of the Scientific Community


Can you tell us a bit about who is in the Scientific Community?

It is a really diverse group, spanning many regions and areas of our business and including people with different backgrounds. We have people from sales, compliance, as well as deep specialists in AI, cryptography and blockchain, to name just a few.

This diversity is deliberate as we see it as the best way to cross-fertilize ideas and challenge ourselves to think outside of our usual comfort zone. What we all have in common, however, is an innovative, free-thinking, curious mindset, as well as a commitment to investigating trends and sharing insights with our clients. All members of the community make this contribution alongside their main role, which ensures that we keep our thought leadership firmly anchored in reality.

Can you tell us a bit about what the community is working on currently?

One of our main activities is to publish thought leadership material.

Hyperautomation in Payments

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The IoT Payment Revolution

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Instore Payment Remagined

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In October we will be publishing our “Navigating Digital Payments” report. In this significant document, we will explain the key trends that are set to make the payment landscape more complex in the near- and mid-term. On the other hand, we will also detail how people’s expectations as citizens and consumers are trending towards increasingly simple and seamless payment interactions. Our goal is to help businesses understand how they can successfully bridge this gap between complexity and simplicity.

This kind of publication is just one aspect of our work. We are also committed to bringing innovative topics to life with our clients, collaborating with them through innovation sessions that we regularly organise and deliver. I often find that, when we bring together the right expertise from Worldline and the client side, and we focus on real challenges and needs that they are facing, that’s when the magic happens and we can quickly conceive exciting innovations.


Meet some members of our Scientific Community

Aisling Connolly – Cryptography and Privacy Researcher, France

I’m very excited about emerging products and services that are enabled by decentralised technologies and digital currencies. I am also quite fascinated by the development of trusted autonomous systems. The idea that machines will act autonomously, making decisions and performing tasks, opens new avenues that will require us to explore far beyond the current boundaries of technology as we know it today.

As a researcher, it can be very easy to get tunnel vision and focus on a single technical aspect of one particular topic. Being part of the Scientific Community allows me to see different topics in a broader context and understand how everything fits together to impact the payments industry as a whole.

Sunil Rongala – Head of Strategy, Innovation & Analytics for Worldline South Asia & Middle East, India

In the Scientific Community I have been focussed on how the in-store digital payments ecosystem will continue to transform. It is fascinating how technology will enable new, immersive in-store experiences and how payments will become even more seamless and frictionless than they are today. Being in the Scientific Community is also fun and I genuinely look forward to our meetings and love listening to the varied viewpoints from people with diverse backgrounds working together towards a larger common goal.

Pauline Schrooyen – Regulatory Compliance, Netherlands

Scientific Community members feed each other interesting questions and share in-depth information based on a mutual desire to learn more and understand better. It is a true exchange in every sense of the word, and encourages us to think freely beyond our own expertise/training and day-to-day responsibilities.

Personally I am particularly interested in how the regulatory landscape is interacting with digitalisation. GDPR and PSD2 have already become part of our 21st century narrative. In the coming years I expect this will also become the case for digital wallet, digital identity and digital currency.


You can find out more about the Worldline Scientific Community and its latest publication by visiting Worldline Scientific Community



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