The IOT payment revolution

The future of autonomous payment

The IoT payments market is expected to be worth $27.6 billion by 2023, impacting every industry and disrupting the current payment model landscape. Many attractive use cases exist: from electric vehicle charging, through to highly convenient walk-in/walk-out shopping experiences, through to sustainable commerce solutions enabled via the sharing economy.

Read this paper to learn more about the potential that IoT payments can offer and to help you formulate the actions you need to take now to prepare for this future.

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6 May 2021 – 3pm (CET)

Join Worldline experts and our ecosystem partners to deep dive into the future of in-car autonomous payment

In-vehicle payments is becoming a hot topic within the automotive industry with use cases such as paying for EV charging, parking, real-time content purchasing and much more. However, enabling payment capabilities requires integration of existing and new ecosystems involving multiple service partners.

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Andrew Till

GM of Automotive Trustonic

Colum Duffy

Director, Product Management Mastercard

Minh Le

Head of Connected Vehicle & Emerging IoT Offerings Worldline

Frank-Michael Kamm

Technology Director Giesecke+Devrient

Franck Leveque

Partner, Vice President Automotive & Transportation Forst & Sullivan


In this paper, which draws on Worldline’s extensive payments experience and research in this area,
together with the insights gained through working with our clients and partners,
we seek to help you understand the potential of IoT payments in your industry,
and to identify the key actions you need to take today to position your organisation for this future.

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“Thanks to its well-structured and thorough approach, this white paper gives you an excellent overview of IoT payments. It explains many of the different types of technology that are applied within this field, and it also discusses the varying business opportunities that arise. Not only does it bring you up to speed with what IoT payments are about, but it also highlights which developments can be expected in the coming years and what challenges lie ahead.”

Drs. Henk Kuipers,
Innovation Manager at Strategy & Innovation
Rabobank Tech Lab
“This white paper provides insightful, practical perspectives into IoT payment solutions, and highlights the core necessity for trust and accountability. These trusted automated payment solutions will be a fundamental component of the transformation of the automotive industry as its business model shifts from a one-time sale to value creation throughout the vehicle life cycle, whether one talks about electric vehicle charging, the download of new vehicle features on demand and other connected services, or shared mobility.”

Franck Leveque,
Partner & Mobility Practice Head for Europe, Founding Member of Mobility Practice
Frost & Sullivan