Navigating Digital Payments

In today’s world, the pace of change is so rapid that current innovations quickly become yesterday’s legacy. There is no map of the future, so how can you successfully navigate the future of digital payments?

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Staying ahead of disruptive payment trends

The payment space is changing at an incredibly fast pace in innovative and disruptive ways. To help you keep abreast of these changes, the Worldline Discovery Hub identifies key trends in our industry and helps our clients understand what this will mean for them, so that together we can create bold, innovative solutions. For example, the Navigating Digital Payments report gives a comprehensive analysis of key payment trends, viewed through the perspective of how they will shape customer experiences in the future. It highlights the changes, challenges and choices that our customers will face to help them successfully navigate them.

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Addressing business concerns in a fast-changing payments ecosystem

Our approach to innovation is built upon strong collaboration with clients and partners through innovation workshops. This collaborative approach of bringing together our expertise and that of our clients and partners allows us to find creative solutions to real-world challenges.

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Bringing together payments experts to anticipate the future

Personally chaired by Worldline’s CEO and Deputy CEO, the Worldline Discovery Hub connects together diverse payments experts from across the group. This diversity is deliberate as we see it as the best way to cross-fertilize ideas and challenge ourselves to think outside of our usual comfort zone. What members of the Worldline Discovery Hub all have in common, however, is an innovative, free-thinking, curious mindset, as well as a commitment to investigating trends and sharing insights with our clients. They all contribute alongside their main role, which ensures that that their thought leadership is firmly anchored in reality. The Worldline Discovery Hub’s mission is to:

  • Deliver bold and far-reaching thought leadership materials
  • Inspire our clients through customer innovation workshops
  • Develop proofs-of-concept to provide a glimpse into the future

Worldline Discovery Hub Thought Leadership

The Payments Digital Divide Survey

This report sets out a vision for how the payment industry can reduce the payments digital divide by taking action to shape the payment landscape to make it more trusted, inclusive, accessible and convenient for everyone.
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Navigating Digital Payment report

Our publication Navigating Digital Payments 2021 explores the key trends that will drive innovation in payments. As we head towards a greener future, the key to success lies in reshaping customer experiences to make them more convenient, safe and secure by simplifying the behind-the-scenes complexity. 
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Harnessing AI to achieve hyperautomation in payments

The advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enabled businesses to automate increasingly complex tasks.
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In-Store Payments Re-imagined

We believe that retail will undergo significant transformation in the coming years. To be successful, retailers will have to combine the best aspects of in-store and online to provide an attractive, seamless experience.
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The IOT payment revolution

The IoT payments market is expected to be worth $27.6 billion by 2023, impacting every industry and disrupting the current payment model landscape.

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The world after covid-19

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis 
which has already had huge societal and economic impacts. 
Business leaders face difficult choices about how best to 
bring about what is now the essential digitisation of their 
service delivery in order to survive.
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