EBAday 2023

Advancing next generation payments - a quest for global interoperability

Live event

20 - 21 / 06 / 2023


Madrid, Spain

EBAday 2023

Join us in Madrid for EBAday 2023

EBAday’s 2023 agenda draws in industry heavyweights to analyse, dissect, interpret, and advise guests on their understanding of the biggest themes and trends defining payments throughout the coming years. We invite you to join our expert team at booth #17 to explore how our advanced solutions can provide a competitive edge to your business and facilitate your expansion objectives.

Payments processing – from commodity to business opportunity

Panel Session

Tuesday, 20 June, from 14:30 to 15:15 CET


In this panel session, you will learn about the benefits and challenges of the evolutive payments market for Payment Service Providers (PSPs). Strategic insights will be exchanged, and you can hear more about the expansion of the lucrative B2B payments market. You don’t want to miss it! 


Sheri Brandon

Chief Market Officer Financial Services, Worldline

Be ready for Instant Payments

  • Don’t risk falling behind on the upcoming SCT Inst regulation and keep up with the market momentum towards instant, real-time payments.
  • Innovate your back-office systems with end-to-end real-time processing capabilities, available 24/7/365 with optimal performance.
  • Gain the ultimate efficiencies with instant payments processing and count on optimised liquidity, lower transaction and working capital costs among other benefits
  • Learn more and visit Worldline | Be Ready for Instant Payments

Enable your sustainable growth

  • Unrivalled in the breadth and depth of our expertise across multiple payment rails, we serve as a trusted partner with end-to-end value chain coverage with unique pan-European reach.
  • We accommodate your preferred delivery model from on-premise to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the cloud and up to full Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • As an active participant in international regulatory and compliance bodies, Worldline shapes the payments industry and contributes to sustainable economic growth.
  • Learn more and visit Worldline | Account Payment Solutions

Shape your CBDC Approach

  • Everything is subject to digitisation nowadays, and cash is no exception. CBDCs are digital currencies, for which the holder has a direct claim on a Central Bank, just as with physical cash.
  • CBDC presents an equal to cash payments: it can be anonymous and offline - with an even wider reach.
  • If the implementation of CBDCs is successful, there will be a disruptive payment behaviour on a global scale with a gradual shift to global commerce.
  • Learn more and visit Worldline | Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): The Future of Money

Craft fresh strategies for Global Instant Payments

  • In addition to the domestic implementation in Europe, banks face the additional challenge of adopting instant payments globally.
  • With the anticipated shift to real-time in the cross-border arena, central banks, banks, and clearing houses stand to benefit from efficient payment processes, optimised liquidity management and increased transparency.
  • We are committed to driving innovation and positively and sustainably changing the landscape of global payments to ensure a seamless and connected future for central banks, commercial payment network banks and their commercial and retail customers worldwide.

Stay relevant by implementing innovative solutions

  • The introduction of the EU Digital Identity Wallet, a unified system for secure digital identification across Europe, is expected to boost the market for digital identity solutions. Digital identities facilitate a myriad of everyday tasks, including payments, by using biometric technologies to provide efficient, user-friendly, secure, and fraud-resistant identity management. Worldline ID center covers all use cases and drives the ich.app in Austria. Learn more: Worldline | Digital Identity
  • Online security is all about balance. Too stern and it kills the user experience. Too lax and it doesn’t do the job properly. We can help you get it just right. Worldline Trusted Authentication is a simple way to implement SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) – whatever the user’s device - through an easy, intuitive user interface. Using multi-factor authentication solutions, it helps banks, merchants, public sector organisations and beyond, create experiences that are simple and secure. Learn more: Worldline | Trusted Authentication