Help me to take my Personal Social Responsibility

01 / 11 / 2021

The momentum is there to re-boost physical shops, local producers and sustainable services, using the digital levers that future oriented service providers like Worldline can offer you. Jump into a more sustainable digital-physical future and help me to take my Personal Social Responsibility.

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I strongly believe that people are ready to take their Personal Social Responsibility.

As described in our recent Navigating Digital Payments report, we now live in an era where (rightfully!!) more and more attention is paid to making ethical and sustainable choices that improve equality and preserve scarce resources.

Allowing people like you and me that are willing to take more sustainable choices to actually live more responsibly, can now be made easier and easier by producers, manufacturers, service providers and retailers. Those businesses that are using shorter supply chains for the benefit of an entire community can now be just as digitally attractive and rich in end-to-end experience as any pure online player.

Like many people, in the future I will want to work, play, socialise – and hence consume – more conscientiously, but with as much joy as always. So how can you and your business help me to make better choices in my life?

Let me give you three examples:

Revitalize local physical shopping

Local producers and shops that are offering an omnichannel physical-digital experience are able to have easier and richer interactions with their customers, attracting digital natives into the fun of local & physical shopping. Having the right digital tools at hand that make selecting, fitting, customizing, paying and checking-out a seamless consumer experience, liberates the hands of the shop employees to invest more valuable time in serving and delighting the people in the shop.


Source:In-Store Payments Re-imagined

And this example does not need to stop at traditional shopping concepts. Local producers using a digital marketplace to offer their products can more and more easily enable a small-scale business using click & collect, home delivery or autonomous self-service solutions without investing in extensive shop infrastructure or staff.

Digitize your local services

Using global platforms as a digital toolset to reach customers in a 21st century way, is something that allows even small-scale local producers, shops and individuals to reach larger and digitally native customer segments. There is no need to invent the digital wheel yourself, as more and more solutions that matured their digital services on a global scale allow you to bring your local value oriented products and services to their user base and your (future) customers.



Source:Navigating Digital Payments

With short supply chains and the local community dimension in their DNA, these local businesses natively attract the attention of many conscient customers like me when being present on digital marketplaces.

Embrace new financing models

And by embracing a new generation of financial services, a consumer oriented, value-centric business model can be the cherry on the cake. Digital innovations more easily enable recurring service fees, tracking and billing the usage of a service, or charging only for successful results. These new business models help to stimulate reuse, sharing and a more optimized usage of products and their needed supplies.


Source:Navigating Digital Payments

The financial industry is ready to support any shop owner, local producer or service provider in appropriate digitized financial risk management for these new business models. By embracing new ways of monitoring (e.g. using smart objects and IoT sensors) or controlling the usage of services and the associated money flows (e.g. using digital currencies to create programable money), innovative financial players can offer you financing of your small or larger scale sustainable business ambitions.

With the three examples explained above:

  • Creating an omnichannel experience by bringing digital into your physical shops
  • Using global digital service platforms to promote your local services
  • Leveraging new financing models enabled by digital innovations

I hope to have illustrated that you and your business can help me to fulfil part of my Personal Social Responsibility without losing either digital or physical quality of life. And by helping me to make better ethical, sustainable and social choices, you will be putting your business prominently on the digital playground of tomorrow.

Learn more about these and other future oriented digitalisations of your business in Navigating Digital Payments.

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Johan Maes

Head of Trust & Intelligence Skill Center, Worldline