Fostering generosity with our positive-impact solutions

29 / 11 / 2022

With more than €310.8 millions of donations collected via its solutions in 2021, Worldline is fulfilling its aim of being a technology firm that engages with its communities.

Fostering generosity with our positive-impact solutions

As the European market leader in payment and transactional services, we are committed to an ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, aiming at achieving growth in a more sustainable way. As part of our Trust 2025 commitments, we encourage consumers to show generosity to the least fortunate in our society via its payment solutions.

In this blog article, you will deep dive in our on-board generosity solutions journey and discover how we create positive impact for our communities while leveraging our expertise and technological assets.

2021 figures Global donations collection with Worldline Acceptance solutions



You can find more insights about this trip and the previous ones by searching for the #WorldlineLearningExpedition hashtag on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

To learn more about our CSR strategy and our Trust 2025 commitments, please read our latest integrated report and visit our CSR webpage.

To learn more about MicroDonations, please contact Karine Girault, Positive Impact Solutions Manager.

Karine Girault

Karine Girault

Positive Impact Solutions Manager, Worldline