Meet a Worldliner: Cyril, Head of Direct sales, Norway

29 / 11 / 2022

Thanks to his growth mindset, hours of training and coaching, and ambitious colleagues, Cyril, Head of Direct Sales is able to bring in strong numbers to Worldline Norway - while growing his career along the way.

Cyril, head of direct sales

What´s a typical day in the life of a client executive at Worldline?

As Head of Direct sales, I like to start early by answering emails, digging into my dashboards and understand how we perform in each channel (Outbound, inbound, win-back, Mid-Tier, E-com). I spend time investigating other KPI’s related to activity, lead conversion, pick up rate and product mix. My team arrives around 08:30. I usually let the team leaders kick the day off with a briefing during which they set the targets for the day.

When I’m not running training sessions or follow-up meetings, I spend a lot of my time interacting with other departments like indirect sales, growth analytics or marketing. Together, we coordinate projects and campaigns to keep our sales machine active and efficient.

How do you, as Head of Direct sales, impact the world around us?

As Head of Direct sales, I lead a sales team promoting digital payment solutions, so we are taking part in the creation of a cash-free society. 

What is your passion in life, and how do you pursue it?

I’m passionate about many topics. I tend to be a generalist rather than a specialist. I like to read about management, politics, psychology, linguistics, sales, religion, history, economics and more. I collect and save every single article or clip that teaches me something and sort them out on my phone by category. I try to live by the motto “a healthy mind in a healthy body” so I also do a lot of strength training.

What have been your highlights at Worldline so far?

Implementing new tools, platforms and roles that have helped us onboard our merchants smoothly while taking compliance to the next level. We can clearly see in our stats that the changes we made have paid off.

Another highlight I’m super proud of is Norway winning our Q4 sales competition here in the Nordics.

What would be your perfect weekend?

Activities with my children during the day, sharing a nice bottle of red wine with my wife in the evening.

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