Meet a Worldliner: Emőke, dep. Head of Public & Regulatory Affairs, Belgium

13 / 09 / 2022

“There is no bigger satisfaction than feeling that your work contributes to making the lives of millions of citizens and businesses worldwide better, simpler and safer.” That´s exactly how the public affairs specialist Emőke Péter feels about her every day work at Worldline.


What does a typical day look like within public and regulatory affairs at Worldline?

Each day really is different. On most days you’ll find us somewhere between coordinating, collaborating, and negotiating: coordinating cross-functional taskforces and communities, monitoring and analyzing legislative processes, coordinating with different departments in order to develop our external narrative around key policy challenges, drafting position papers or responses to consultations, engaging with EU and national policymakers in order to explain our positions and collect their feedback, and advising the top management on public and regulatory affairs issues. So it´s really a mix of topics and activities, which is great!

How is your work impacting the world around us?

Every day, decisions that will impact everyone’s lives are being made by various governmental bodies worldwide. Strong relationships with these decision-makers are critical for companies like Worldline, in order to have a seat at the table when such decisions are being made. That’s why it is important for us to have public affairs experts shaping key political decisions, building trusted relationships and strengthening our reputation with relevant governmental bodies.

What would you say is the next big thing when it comes to payments?

The future is digital! And the future of money is digital currencies. Our economy is increasingly digitalized, CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) are fast approaching—and they are here to stay. As more than 100 countries around the world are exploring CBDCs at one level or another, the European Commission together with the ECB have intensified the work on the digital euro project. The digital euro would be an electronic form of money, issued by the Euro system. Digital euro will be a game-changer for users and businesses, and I am very excited to support Worldline´s ambitions in shaping the future of payments, which could be faster, cheaper, safer, and more efficient.

What is the best thing about working at Worldline?

The best? Well, the purpose and meaning of the work we do - the positive contribution to society. Digital payments are the key enablers for digital transformation and drivers of economic recovery. There is no bigger satisfaction than feeling that your work contributes to making the lives of millions of citizens and businesses worldwide better, simpler, and safer. And the best of the best is, that you happen to do that in the company of amazing colleagues. I am very privileged to be surrounded by so many brilliant people, who empower and inspire me each day.

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