Meet a Worldliner: Jorge - Software developer, Spain

12 / 05 / 2022

What’s the best thing about working as a Worldline software developer? For Jorge it’s not just the fun and challenge of coding to connect lives and span worlds, though that’s exciting. There’s something else that makes everyday a genuinely positive experience. Let's dive into what a day as a software developer at Worldline looks like.

software developer profile picture jorge

What´s a typical day in the life of a full-stack software developer at Worldline?

As a software developer it starts with greeting our workmates, we plug in and then start a whole day of teamwork. Coding is fun, but having a great friendly team to code with is much better. In all the projects I have been part of at Worldline, teamwork is always a huge part of our success, and that’s something I really appreciate..

How does the work you do impact the world around us?

Technology is in most of the actions we do every day. And that technology needs to be coded by us software developers! From the apps on your devices to the websites you access at work and the QR to get a restaurant’s menu, they all work thanks to our work, and that’s beautiful.

What do you think is the next big thing when it comes to software development?

That’s a big question! As we have all heard lately, some companies are thinking outside the box with things like the metaverse; technology is moving fast in so many different directions. But we will always need to pay for things, so Worldline’s adaptative digital banking will always be needed in whatever future metaverses are created.

What´s the best thing about working at Worldline?

What makes Worldline great is the people we work with. In my view, if you surround yourself with good people, professionally and personally, both your productivity and positivity will improve.

How has Worldline helped you develop and grow professionally?

I joined Worldline as an intern, which I was very grateful for. They gave me the opportunity to start my career, and I had the chance to work across several projects – each very different from each other – before settling into my current role. This made me more aware of how teams work in this field, and allowed me to learn several coding technologies too, which all in all helped me grow in a very short time as a software developer.

What are the culture and people like at Worldline?

Helping each other, treating people as people, and investing in personal growth – these are the main assets I would use to describe my experience of Worldline’s ethics.

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