Meet a Worldliner: Marco – DevOps director, The Netherlands

28 / 04 / 2022

“The best thing about working at Worldline is the opportunities you get to develop your career.” Marco transformed himself and landed his dream job – could you?

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What´s a typical day in the life of a DevOps Director at Worldline?

A typical day starts with our team huddle; a great moment to reflect, look forward and have some fun in the morning. This is basically the only thing that is really structured in my agenda. After this there will be several meetings with other teams in the company to work on initiatives to make our company a better place to work.

How does the work you do as DevOps Director impact the world around us?

If we do our job well, then being able to make seamless payments should be just as normal as getting fresh water out of the tap, and that´s quite powerful! We work extremely hard every day to ensure people can rely on us to get the job done.

What do you think is the next big thing when it comes to payments technology?

The next frontier in payments technology is definitely machine learning. We are currently just at the very beginning of this, and I expect to see much more of this come to life in the coming years.

What´s the best thing about working at Worldline?

To me, the best thing about working at Worldline is the opportunities you get to develop your career, either within your current role or within the next. Internal staff are always considered first for a step up when we have job openings, which is something I really appreciate!

How has Worldline helped you develop and grow professionally?

Worldline has really helped me to learn new skills and grow my career. I joined the company as a programme director, and eventually got the opportunity to transform myself into a DevOps Director. I was asked to head up the technology team of our payments’ platform, “Payment & Account IQ”, with full end-to-end responsibility from idea generation, to build, test, deploy and support. Combine that with a DevOps setup hosted in AWS and it´s basically my dream job!

What are the culture and people like at Worldline?

“Supportive” is the first thing that comes to mind. Whenever you get stuck with something, there is always someone who is willing to help you out.

What´s key to success when working in a global company like Worldline?

I think it´s quite simple really; deliver what you promise and treat everyone with respect. To me, this applies for all companies, but it´s even more important when working in a global organisation like Worldline.

What is your passion in life, and how do you pursue it?

My biggest passion in life is my family! I really try to be around for the little things, such as bringing my daughter to swimming lessons every Wednesday.

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