Meet a Worldliner: Ajanta, Software Engineer and Scrum Master, Belgium

09 / 08 / 2023

As a Software Engineer and Scrum Master at Worldline, Ajanta's work impacts the world by designing, developing, and maintaining systems. Learn more about Ajanta.

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What's a typical day in the life in Software Developer and Scrum master at Worldline?

A typical day as a Software Engineer and Scrum Master for me starts with a daily scrum meeting followed by a morning coffee and checking the mails.

After that as scrum master of my squad, I usually facilitate meetings, coordinate with product owner, try to help to resolve conflicts within the team (in case of any) and try to guide the team on how best to use Agile methods. Also as a software developer, I mostly spend my day writing code, refining user stories and collaborating with my peers. 

How has Worldline helped you develop and grow professionally?My professional growth has indeed accelerated since I have joined Worldline. I have developed my skills as scrum master by obtaining a professional scrum certification. My journey to perform both the roles as software developer and scrum master become easier because of the great support from my fellow team members and for the continuous encouragement of my tribe lead. Even I have been encouraged by my peers to continue to learn French. I am becoming more confident and high level professional with each passing day!

What is the culture and the people like at Worldline?

At Worldline each individual has unique potential and as Worldliners, we truly trust each other’s capability as individual. We also have an inclusive work culture which welcomes and supports people with all kind of differences. A great example is my team which consists of 9 people with European, Asian, Middle Eastern and African backgrounds and we still have a perfect coordination among ourselves and we always appreciate each other’s work!

What is your passion in life, and how do you pursue it? Connecting people and ideas.

I have interest in lot of things but dancing, writing and traveling are something I’m more passionate about. I believe that dance can be used as vehicle of expressions which helps to convey feelings and to connect with others. I have been trained with an Indian classical dance ‘Kathak’  while I was in India. I have done various dance and drama projects in India and Belgium with several cultural associations. Traveling allows me to interact with new people. I create travel vlogs to guide others and encourage others for traveling. Writing helps me to put down my thoughts in words to connect to my readers. My book ‘Her Lockdown Diary’ has been published last year and it depicts a non fictional diary during the first wave of pandemic. 

What would be your perfect weekend?

My perfect weekend would be spending quality time with myself, escaping in nature or cooking some good food and enjoying it with a nice movie. 

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