Worldline awarded Top Employer 2023 in Europe and Asia

18 / 01 / 2023

As a top industry leader and #1 digital payment player in Europe, Worldline is proud to be recognised once again as a European employer of choice, rewarding our long-term commitment and efforts in settling exemplary managerial and people practices within the company.

Top employer 2023

A recognition endorsing Worldline’s global leadership in HR best practices

As a top industry leader and #1 digital payment player in Europe, Worldline is proud to be recognised once again as a European employer of choice, rewarding our long-term commitment and efforts in settling exemplary managerial and people practices within the company.

Between 2020 and 2022, Worldline received local certifications from the Top Employers Institute in Belgium, Poland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, India, New Zealand, France, Switzerland and Worldline’s joint venture PAYONE.

This year, Worldline was certified in 16 countries in addition to being Top Employer Europe and Top Employer Asia! 


“I am very proud of all countries included in this year’s European Top Employer prestigious list as well as the one for Asia demonstrating our strong people vision over the long term. Innovation, Cooperation, Empowerment and Excellence are the Worldline’s values. They resonate in everything we do, from our long-term Pay Tech strategy to the smallest of daily interactions between colleagues.” says Philippe Mareine, Chief people officer and Head of Corporate digital acceleration at Worldline.

Our journey towards the Top Employer certification

Thanks to their involvement in the extensive audit carried out by the Top Employers Institute, our HR partners strongly helped in the country, Asian and European certifications as Top Employer and naturally we wanted to know more about their journey, the strategy implemented and their ambitions.

HR partners

Can you describe your journey towards the Top Employer certification in your country?

Denise Heider & Tina Berger, Austria: “Even though we already went through the certification process twice, it took us a few weeks to check every single question again and alter our answers when necessary. It was very helpful that our global HR Team did the validation for global processes at an earlier stage so that we could use their input. A few weeks after we answered the questions, the auditor sent us the topics they wanted to talk about in the validation session. We then went deeper into the topics providing proof and many examples which were discussed with and sometimes challenged by the auditor.
Overall it was a challenging but very rewarding process, it gave a few insights about where we already excel and where we can improve.”

Belen Brito, Spain: “It was the first time we faced the Top Employer certification process in Spain. For us it was totally new and it took us a lot of time to analyze each question and answer to exceed the demanding standards of your certification program. We are an international company with fully implemented HR processes and procedures, so the help of Global and the work of the entire HR department was crucial in order to complete the survey. During the validations with the Auditor, we have been able to learn more about the survey and discuss the questions which required more justification.
Overall it was a very challenging and rewarding process because it allows us to have insights about our strong areas and improvement areas.”

Joanne Cleary, Australia: “We were so excited to hear we’ve achieved Top Employer certification, as during this time we were in the unique position of establishing and building out our new organisations here in Australia. Part of our strategy is to keep focused on the employee experience and how we can improve it. During our journey to Top Employer we looked at all our practices and how we could enhance them to make the employment journey more considered, personable and engaging for employees. This included streamlining and simplifying some processes and gathering regular feedback/inputs along the way from our team members to help understand their needs and further refine our processes and systems.  We also tried building recognition into our everyday so that we were always thanking people for all the big and little wins along the way. We want everyone to understand where they fit and how they contribute to making our business successful, and we tried to support our people by building strong foundations, systems and processes to guide our managers and their teams.”

What could be the one HR best practice which may have made the difference?

Denise Heider & Tina Berger: “We think that out of all our best practices the one to focus on continuous improvement and empowering our employees are the GPTW Workshops we organize after the survey each year. We focus on different topics and all employees are encouraged to brainstorm and provide ideas, how we can make Worldline a better workplace. The outcome is a list of measures that can be taken. It is prioritized with the management and the first measure are taken instantly. If something is not possible to be implemented transparent feedback is given on the reason. We are very proud that every year more and more employees take part of these workshop, were they can help the future workplace.”

Belen Brito, Spain: “The entire Human Resources team is very close to its employees, we really care about people's well-being, continuously improving all our practices. People are the most important value to achieve the success of the Company. Their motivation and development is our main concern to achieve optimal professional and personal well-being.”

Joanne Cleary, Australia: “We spent a lot of time working on the onboarding experience; and given how many new employees we brought on in such a short period of time, we wouldn’t have been successful in these retaining people without our strong onboarding program and our supporting tools for managers. We closely managed our new starters experience from Day 1,  providing an onboarding app (apical) along with targeted emails, Manager and HR BP check-ins, and orientation, training and induction to support all of our new hires. We also ensured that Managers had access to additional resources and training to support them in settling in their staff and ensuring a smooth orientation for all of their team members.”

Now that we got certified, how will you further reinforce Worldline's position as an employer of choice?

Denise Heider & Tina Berger: “Celebrate and communicate this year’s success, analyze our areas of improvement and take the right action to remain an employer of choice.”

Tina Burger and Denise Heider receiving the award (Austria)

Tina Berger and Denise Heider receiving the award (Austria)


Belen Brito, Spain: “Our commitment to keep on improving in order to continue being recognized as a Top Employer and of course communicate and celebrate this success (or certification).”

Joanne Cleary, Australia: “We were thrilled to be included in this Top Employer certification – but as newly formed organisations here in Australia we also know we still have much more work to do to keep on improving! We will take what we have built so far and continue to grow and enhance our practices to ensure we retain employees and keep on attracting great talent. We’ll also be using our ongoing inputs from our Pulse Surveys and Change Champion Network to help us keep an ear to the ground to understand the changing needs of our employees and how we can best service them.”

How will this certification attract new talents?

Denise Heider & Tina Berger: “Being a Top Employer enhances our visibility on the job market and will be a significant factor for choosing us instead of a competitor. Especially in our endeavor to attract young talents this certification will make a difference that we can promote on job fairs at universities.”

Belen Brito, Spain: “Being recognized as a Top Employer helps us to be consolidated as a great company to work for. It will improve our position in the Spanish market compared to our competitors.”

Joanne Cleary, Australia: “We were so lucky to have achieved both Top Employer certification and Great Place to Work certification during this period – and so we’ll be promoting these together to ensure potential talent know all that we have to offer here! We’re sure these certifications will help enhance our employer brand and will be a big boost to our recruitment efforts in 2023! We’ll also keep checking in on employee engagement and sentiment levels via Pulse Surveys, and use these as further evidence of what you can expect to experience when you join our team.”

If you want to learn more about careers at Worldline, visit our dedicated page here.


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