Unveiling Innovation: Worldline's Payment Orchestration TechTalk episode 1 Highlights

03 / 07 / 2024

In the premiere episode of the Payment Orchestration TechTalk, featuring experts Tatiana Kareva and Alexander Gustafsson, Worldline unveiled the latest advancements in their payment orchestration solution. We're thrilled about these developments and can't wait to share some of the highlights from the discussion.

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Enhancing User Experience with Worldline Payment Orchestration

User-friendliness is paramount for widespread adoption, and while our payment orchestration solution was already user-friendly, we've taken it a step further.

Revamp of the Worldline Payment Orchestration homepage

A revamped home page provides streamlined navigation and new tools to support users in their daily activities:  

  • Better insights: within the general payments processing ‘’health’’ section, users are offered an overview of their day-to-day ‘’health-status’’ and can now access analytics, visualisations, and dashboards for quick snapshots of their transaction performance, success rates, total transactions, and ATV status. The new homepage also provides insights into any issues or discrepancies.
  • Improved transaction overview: Users now have direct access to fetch reports for the last 24 hours directly from the homepage, obtaining information on successful withdrawals without the need for extensive navigation. Furthermore, pending approvals and withdrawals are highlighted to prevent delays and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Common Links: the revamped homepage also offers better access to common links such as documentation, accounts IQ and What’s New.
  • New blog:  a newly introduced blog feature allows direct communication with merchants, ensuring they stay updated on the latest releases and trends by simply visiting the home page, without having to rely on email notifications. News updates are displayed on the homepage via a widget, encouraging regular engagement.

Improved search and filtering in the product catalogue

Users can now conveniently filter and search for payment methods based on country or any other specific criteria. While the product catalogue is currently in its pilot phase, we encourage our merchants to explore its features and provide feedback. We are committed to refining and enhancing it throughout the year to ensure more accurate data and improved usability.

From old provider configuration to new installation module

When adding new providers or making changes , complexity should not be part of the process. Therefore, we introduced  a new interface that replaces the old XML configuration with a more intuitive and user-friendly display. This interface allows you to install new providers similar to apps on a phone, rather than through manual configuration.. Users can easily customise settings to suit their specific needs, with the flexibility to add extra parameters with just a click. This streamlined approach reduces the reliance on support teams for configuration guidance.

Anticipated Trends and Roadmap Developments

These previously mentioned new offerings are just the beginning.  The payment orchestration team is already hard at work on more features for the homepage.

One upcoming feature is the ability for users to receive alerts directly in the back office, specifically linked to alert routes. This feature provides a more convenient alternative to email notifications, making access easier for users.

Slated for release by 2025 or possibly sooner, is a visual rule builder. This tool will offer a comprehensive view of the entire flow of all the rules, eliminating the need to navigate multiple pages for routing, payment methods, and other functions. By consolidating everything onto a single page, users will gain a clearer understanding of the payment flow from start to finish.

The product catalogue is also undergoing upgrades to ensure more accurate data, crucial for both service providers and merchants.

Another initiative underway is the UI upgrade for back office pages. Users may have already noticed the new user views being rolled out, with efforts expanding to include additional pages. Upcoming updates include enhancements to the transactions view and more to come.

Lastly, work is underway on a status page, initially focusing on Worldline's uptime and service availability, with plans to integrate third-party solutions in the future.

Recent and upcoming PSP and payment method updates

PSPs and payment methods were a significant focus during Q4 2023 and Q1 2024, with several already delivered and more scheduled for release in the upcoming months.

In terms of coverage, the Worldline Acquiring Hub offers global reach, providing access to 20 different acquirers via Worldline’s payment orchestration. This extensive network facilitates seamless transactions across regions. Worldline has currently tested and enabled two acquirers, with plans for further expansion in the coming months. Stripe is being rolled out globally as we speak, initially focusing on card payments and later expanding to include Alternative Payment Methods (APMs), especially in India.

European and North America payment providers expansion

In Europe, we are thrilled to introduce Swebank express, an open banking solution in Sweden. We are currently in the final stages of readiness, with deposits fully operational and withdrawals undergoing refinement. We anticipate completing the process within the next two months.

Additionally, we have made notable progress  in Open Banking in Europe with BluOrbank, Paysage, and Unlimit. BluOrbank is a recent addition to our PSP portfolio. In Portugal, we have enabled MbWAY, Multibanco by Skrill, Paysage, and PPRO. In Serbia, QR payments by OKTOPay are now enabled.

We anticipate delivering cash-based deposits in Serbia and Croatia by Mercata and Altapay in Q2 2024. In Switzerland, we are introducing local card solutions through Postfinance. In Germany, our focus is on enabling payments via wallet Paylado.

In Turkey, two new providers, Rastpay and Big Idea, offer a range of new payment options including cards and alternative payment methods.

In Canada, we have successfully delivered Instant Bank transfers via Paramount Commerce.

APAC footprint expansion

Moving to the APAC region, we have introduced numerous new features and providers. In India, we have integrated Rastpay and Big Idea, offering both cards and local payment methods, alongside Worldine solutions, covering cards, net banking, UPI (via Stripe), and RUPAY.

Partnering with MPSA, we are providing cards and local payment methods in China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

In Japan, bank payouts through Luqapay are now available, while in various other countries including China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, we are integrating Asiapay, covering cards and local payments such as WeChat Pay, Alipay, Dana, and eNets.

In Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, and New Zealand, we have successfully enabled bank payouts through Nuvei. Additionally, we're planning to enable open banking in Australia through Volt. These enhancements are either already delivered or scheduled for Q2.

The Latin America developments

In Latin America, we have responded to diverse requests by enabling different payment methods across various countries like Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Costa Rica through Pay Retailers. New payment methods like Klap by Pay Retailers and Khipu by Skrill have been introduced and we have onboarded new providers, Big Ideas and Rastpay, covering cards and APMs in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru. In Colombia, we have  enabled local payment method Transfiya by Unlimit, while in Mexico, we've introduced credit cards via Pay Retailers and SPEI via Skrill.

Africa’s payment providers’ expansion

In Africa, while we already had a provider, we have expanded our coverage to include more countries and additional APMs in the region. Flutterwave now covers South Africa, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, and Tanzania, offering both cards and local payment methods like Ozow and Momo.

Strategic improvements: conversion, compliance, and expansion

Our focus extends beyond geographical expansion to enhancing conversion rates and complying with regulatory requirements. We're implementing features like partial authorisation to improve acceptance rates and expanding the functionalities supported by providers.

Looking ahead

Reflecting on the breadth of topics covered, we're excited to announce our next webinar. Join us as we continue to deliver new product updates. For this session, you receive your invite per email to register. Contact your Worldline account manager if you have questions about the TechTalk webinar series.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Tatiana Kareva

Tatiana Kareva

Product Manager Worldline Payment Orchestration
Alexander Gustafsson

Alexander Gustafsson

Product Manager Payment Orchestration

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