What should merchants watch out for in 2023? | Podcast

02 / 08 / 2023

In the ever-changing industry, new payment trends are constantly emerging. But which payment trends do merchants really need to be paying attention to in 2023 and what action should they be taking now?

Woman using smartphone buy cryptocurrency at a coffee shop

In this episode we tackle this question with Geoffrey Barraclough (Founder of The Business of Payments) and Inna Kostiuk (Global Partner Manager for Worldline Merchant Services) to cover several hot trends: checkoutless stores, open banking, the cashless society, SoftPOS, ISVs, crypto currencies and generative AI.

Each episode of season 1 of Navigating Digital Payments is based on a chapter from the 2021 report published by the Worldline Discovery Hub which you can download here.

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